20 June 2016

A Small Colourpop Haul

I've been eyeing up the beautiful eyeshadows by Colourpop for a very long time. But they don't ship over here and the cost of using a mail forwarding service seemed like it would be too expensive to do on my own. Luckily, my friend Rachel over at The Beauty Is A Beast had decided that she was going to do a Colourpop order and she said I can join her if I like and we'd split the fees! She organised everything so I'm not quite sure of how everything worked. We used My Mall Box and this is basically just a room in a warehouse that you can have your order sent to. I believe that if you do multiple orders, they'll even repackage them into one box so that you only pay one shipping fee!

My order came to 26USD which is around £18. Then with the Colourpop shipping, the Mall Box shipping and then I think Rach sending it over to me through Royal Mail, it all only came to roughly £26 which I think is amazing!

On to the products!

4 June 2016

Currently Loving

I haven't done one of these posts for a while so I grabbed the things that I've been loving and headed out to the garden to get a picture. I got caught by a neighbour who gave me a very strange look as I was knelt on the grass taking pictures of makeup!

There are a few things that I've been using on a daily basis. The first thing is not necessarily the space palette as that's fairly new, but the shadows in it. I bought a few NYX single shadows and a Mac single shadow and popped them in a palette with all my indies. I've been using this palette every day and I'd forgotten how much I love everything in it! There will be another post on this up soon.

I'm also loving reading at the minute. Not necessarily the book shown (although I have nearly finished it) but in general. I used to be an avid reader when I was younger and decided I wanted to start again! I've downloaded some books onto my kindle app on both my phone and tab (handy because I can read at lunch at work) and I've also dug some books out that I haven't read yet. My dad has also lent me some of his books that he thought I'd like!

Next up is the Rimmel sun Shimmer Matte bronzer. I have this in both light and medium so I'm covered whether I'm tanned or not and I love it! It's a very subtle bronzer but still gives a lovely glow. 

When I picked up my new NYX shadows I also picked up their white base. This is perfect for popping under a bright shadow and makes it super bright! This also doesn't crease on me and I have really oily lids.

My lips have been really chapped and sore lately so I went on the hunt for a new lipbalm. I decided to give a Blistex one a go - I'd never tried one but a few ladies at work swear by them. I picked mine up in the cherry flavour and this has completely got rid of my chapped lip issue. My only slight problem with it is that it has a white tone to it so i can't wear this out of the house on it's own or my lips look white. But this is perfect for applying before lipstick or overnight.  

Since I've been wearing bright eyeshadow lately, I've been going for more neutral lips. My favourite at the minute is Nougat by GOSH. This is my perfect mix of brown and pink and it goes with so many looks. This is permanently in my handbag at the minute.

Finally we have my new favourite eyeliner. I've been using pen eyeliners for a while and thought that I'd give a normal liquid eyeliner a go. A few youtubers had mentioned the Maybelline Master Ink Matte eyeliner so I grabbed it and I am so glad that I did! This is possibly the best eyeliner that I've ever used. It's really black and really easy to use. The nib is flexible but not to bendy so it's easy to get the perfect flick.

What have you all been loving? Any products that I should try?

2 June 2016

My Custom Crowd Colour Palette - Review and Experience

I've been wanting to purchase a custom palette from Crowd Colour for a while and I finally bit the bullet last month. I went for one of the space design and chose this gorgeous one! I decided that I didn't want any writing on mine and just a picture.

For those of you who haven't heard of Crowd Colour, they are a website that offers personalised Z Palette style palettes. These come in either black or white and in small, medium or large. I went for a large black one and then added my customisations afterwards.

The price point on these is very reasonable, my large palette cost me £16 plus around £3 postage which is similar to Z palettes.

The palette itself feels very sturdy and I personally feel this palette is better than my Z Palette as the Crowd Colour version has a large mirror in the lid. 

As you can see, I've used mine for my depotted and hand pressed shadows (post coming soon on how I do this) and it's nearly full already! Oops!

However, even though this palette is fantastic quality, I'm not sure that I personally would purchase from Crowd Colour again. I placed my order on 14th May and the site said I should have my order within 7 working days. This meant my order should have been with me by 23rd/24th May. By this point I hadn't received a dispatch notification so I tweeted them on 25th and got told I would be responded to the following day. I also sent them an email letting them know I was worried as I hadn't received my palette yet. I didn't get the response the day after but my palette arrived a few days later after being posted out on the 25th (when I complained). To date, I still haven't had any acknowledgement or response to either my tweet or email checking that I have my palette.

I've ordered from many brands in the past, both mainstream and indie and this is one of the worst customer service teams I've encountered. Customers shouldn't be ignored and it wasn't just my tweet either.

So based on the lack of dispatch info and poor customer service, I think I might stick to plain Z palettes in future. Which is a shame as this palette is stunning just let down by poor CS.