9 May 2016

How I do my own gel nail polish

I've had a few questions recently on how I do my own gel nails at home so I thought I'd write a post up on it. I've never been to a salon to have my nails done (I don't trust them and I'd probably end up telling them that they're doing something wrong) so I can't compare to that experience. Getting gel nail polish done at a salon or by a fully trained professional can be expensive. In my area, it's usually between £10 and £20 dependent on where you go and if you use someone who is mobile or not. I personally can't bring myself to pay someone that much to do my nails when I know that I can do them myself at home. 

The first thing I do is make sure that my nails are completely free of any polish. Then I will either use a mani bomb (this one is from Danglefoot Nails) or I'll pop some cuticle oil on. This is because I'll be using rubbing alcohol and possible acetone which really dries my hands out. I'll either use the mani bomb or oil for about 10 minutes before I start my nails.I also like to work with a towel or mat down where I'm working. This is purely because I know I'm clumsy and I'll probably spill if there's nothing down. 

Once this is done, you'll need to wipe your nails with a lint free wipe and some rubbing alcohol/cleanswer. This removes all of the extra oil from your nails and helps the polish to adhere better.

Next I apply my base coat, make sure you use a thin layer for this or your nails will end up looking really thick. Since I use an LED lamp, this only takes 30 seconds. Most brands of gel polish can be used with either an LED or a UV lamp, the only difference is that a UV lamp will take longer to cure. 

Once this has cured, there will be a sticky layer called the inhibition layer, this needs to be wiped off with some more rubbing alcohol or your coloured polish won't stick. Usually I will only do one coat of base, but if I'm using a brigher colour like a red, then I'll usually do a double layer - just repeat and get rid of the inhibition layer between coats.

Then it's on to the colour. This will normally take 2-3 coats curing in between. It's much better to do thin coats with gel rather than thicker ones, thick coats might not cure properly and will also make your nails look really thick. There's also no inhibition layer with coloured polish so you can do your second coat as soon as the first has finished. 

Once your colour is done, it's time to topcoat! There'll be an inhibition layer on this too which can be removed with a little rubbing alcohol and some lint free wipes.

Here are my finished nails! I need to work on keeping my edges neat but I was pretty pleased with this set. If you mess up a little around the edges, just use a bit of acetone on a brush and clean up before you cure. Once it's cured, it's really hard to get off your skin. 

Most brands of gel polish will have their own cleanser and remover but I rarely buy those. I just think they're overpriced for what they are. The cleanser is usually just rubbing alcohol with colour in it and the remover is just acetone. You can pick these up much cheaper in other places.

To remove your gels, simply file the top to break the top layer of polish. Then soak a cotton pad in alcohol and wrap your finger tip up in foil. If you leave this for 10 minutes, most of the polish should just crumble away when you give it a rub. Any stubborn bits can be pushes off with a cuticle stick. 

I hope you found this helpful!

2 May 2016

Makeup Revolution New-Trals vs Neutrals Eyeshadow Palette

I love a good eyeshadow palette, it's something that I will wear every day even if I don't have foundation or eyeliner on. My newest addition to my collection is the New-Trals vs Neutrals palette from Makeup Revolution. I've had my eye on this for a while and I finally took the plunge and bought it (it matches perfectly with my new dress - that justifies it right).

Since this is one of their professional palettes, this comes in a box (which I forgot to take a picture of) and this one has a matte effect top which is different to the other palettes that I have from this brand. The lid also houses a giant mirror that would be perfect for travelling and there's also a little plastic sheet that tells you the names of the shadows. 

Makeup Revolution New-trals vs neutrals

And here's the inside of the palette. Isn't it beautiful! There are 16 shades in total, the top row are all warm/peachy toned and the bottom row are slightly cooler and also much shimmery-er. All of the shadows are really nice, the pale shades don't show up that well on me but then most pale shades don't. The shadows are also a little powdery but I personally don't mind that at all.

Makeup Revolution New-trals vs neutrals

These swatches are from the top row. Left to right there's: Bias, Neutral, Personal, Vogue, Trend, New-tral, tone and Custom. 

Makeup Revolution New-trals vs neutrals

These are from the bottom row. Left to right there's: Cool, Style, Partial, Mode, Adapt, Buff, Suit and Strong. 

Makeup Revolution New-trals vs neutrals

The top row of shadows is definitely my favourite so far. I love warm toned shadows and the peachy tones are perfect for this time of year (when the English weather bucks up!). My go to eye look at the minute is Neutral and Vogue in the crease with Personal all over the lid.

I'll definitely get lots of wear out of the bottom row too when autumn and winter rolls around.