24 April 2016

Barry M Coconut Infusion Swatches

You may or may not be aware that Barry M have released a new collection - the coconut Infusion collection. These can be found at both Superdrug and Boots for £4.99 each. Normally I wouldn't buy a whole collection but the colours were just so pretty that when Superdrug had an offer where you could buy all nine shades for just £25, I couldn't resist!

These polishes differ from the normal Barry M polishes as they contain both coconut milk and oil to both hydrate and nourish your nails. You can find more information here!

Barry M Coconut Infusion

21 April 2016

New In My Makeup Bag - Natural Collection

I'm thinking of turning this post into a series to share what new items I've been using. I tend to take advantage of the 3 for 2 offers so I usually but a few things from a brand at once and I thought it would be nice to share my first impressions. Let me know if you would like to see more of these posts.

Today's post is on Natural Collection. This is a brand that I usually just walk straight past when I'm in Boots and I'm not sure why. I decided to grab a new face powder and also one of their blushes.

Natural Collection

18 April 2016

The £20 Makeup Challenge!

I've seen a few people doing this tag recently and I felt like giving it a go.

Basically, you have to try and put a makeup look together with a budget of £20 for the items you use (excluding brushes etc). You obviously don't have to a full face if you don't want to but I tried my hardest to use all items. You also shouldn't go over budget but you can come in under.

I think that you're supposed to go and buy new items for this tag but I just raided by stash for the most part with a few new bits added in!

16 April 2016

Danglefoot Cuticle Butter Review

My hands have been really dry recently which I think is due to the weather keep changing plus me working with a lot of paper at work. My main problem area is the ends of my fingers and around my cuticles. I've even had my cuticles peeling back which was the point where I realised that I've been neglecting my hand care items.

Danglefoot Cuticle Butter

14 April 2016

The Melt Crowd VS Dreamlights Melt Box

Everyone who knows me knows that I have a slight thing for wax melts and candles. I will usually have either a melt or candle on pretty much every day. I even have burners both upstairs and downstairs that all have different scents in them!

I love the idea of wax melt subscription boxes. I've been subscribed for about 9 months and as much as I love her melts, I fancied trying something new! I've got the latest Melt Crowd box from Flamingo Candles and also the monthly melt box from Dreamlights.