21 October 2016

September's Love Me Beauty Edit - Kat Von D

I recently subscribed to Love Me Beauty as I really like the concept! It's £10 a month (or less if you subscribe for a few boxes at a time) and you get given credits each month to use on different products and everything that arrives is something you've chosen yourself.

This really appeals to me as quite a few products use almond oil which I'm allergic to so this box means that everything should actually be usable. I usually have to pass off a lot of items from subscription boxes to friends as I can't use them. 

These are the items that I picked out last month! They had some items from Kat Von D so I used all my credits to try these out. They also came in a little makeup bag which I think is a cute idea, I have no use for boxes but can always use makeup bags!

I picked up:-

Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Outlaw - this is a gorgeous true red shade and this lasts pretty much all day on me! I've worn it quite a few times for work and I only need to top the corners up after about 7 hours from where I drink.

Ink Liner in Trooper - I love my liquid liner so I just had to give this a go! It's quite nice, but I think it's drying up already.

Studded Kiss lipstick in Magick - I think this is my favourite. It's a gorgeous rosy nude shade that has little glitters in it making it unique to my collection. I've had this on almost every day since the box arrive so I think I'll be needing a full size!

Overall I love this subscription and I'm already plotting what to get from the October edit.

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9 October 2016

My first Make Up Geek shadows

I've had my eye on Make Up Geek shadows for a while but I'd never actually purchased any. My friend Rach (www.thebeautyisabeast.com) has quite a few and she said that I'd love them! So I ended up on Beauty Bay and I picked up three gorgeous shades for autumn!

It was actually really hard to pick just three out (I didn't want to buy too many in case they didn't work for me) especially as there aren't any swatches on the website and the colour shown doesn't always match up. I ended up picking out Bitten, Twilight and Secret Garden.

 These shadows come in a little plastic sleeve which is in a gorgeous cardboard box/sleeve and I personally think these look like they cost much more than £5.50! Here are just the pans themselves, they stick to my Z Palette perfectly and are now in my Crowd Colour palette!

Twilight - a shimmery, purple taupe shade that's perfect for this time of year.

Bitten - a gorgeous deep red shade.

Secret Garden - brown with teal duochrome which is just stunning!

All of these shades are incredibly pigmented but also easy to blend. I will definitely be going back for more shades! I just need to ask Rach for some recommendations!

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Snapchat: allhailthenails (I’ll start snapping I promise!)

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24 July 2016

Girl, Missing - A book review

Press Sample

I've always loved reading, even from an early age. My parents used to read to me each night before bed and it wasn't long before I was reading the books by myself! 

Since getting a full time job, reading books slowly slipped away due to a lack of time and I missed it. There's nothing better than curling up in bed with a good book, or chilling in the bath with one. 

I've recently started reading again (though admittedly mostly on reading apps) and I was thrilled when I was contacted for a book campaign. I said yes and a few days later, Girl, Missing by Sophie McKenzie dropped through my door. I was so excited that I actually jumped up and down and squealed a little! 

10 July 2016

June Favourites!

I thought I'd try a different format for my favourites this month. I don't normally do monthly favourites because let's face it, I'm lazy and they take a lot of work. So this month I've done them in video format. 

If you'd like to see what I loved last month, then just click the video below!

20 June 2016

A Small Colourpop Haul

I've been eyeing up the beautiful eyeshadows by Colourpop for a very long time. But they don't ship over here and the cost of using a mail forwarding service seemed like it would be too expensive to do on my own. Luckily, my friend Rachel over at The Beauty Is A Beast had decided that she was going to do a Colourpop order and she said I can join her if I like and we'd split the fees! She organised everything so I'm not quite sure of how everything worked. We used My Mall Box and this is basically just a room in a warehouse that you can have your order sent to. I believe that if you do multiple orders, they'll even repackage them into one box so that you only pay one shipping fee!

My order came to 26USD which is around £18. Then with the Colourpop shipping, the Mall Box shipping and then I think Rach sending it over to me through Royal Mail, it all only came to roughly £26 which I think is amazing!

On to the products!

4 June 2016

Currently Loving

I haven't done one of these posts for a while so I grabbed the things that I've been loving and headed out to the garden to get a picture. I got caught by a neighbour who gave me a very strange look as I was knelt on the grass taking pictures of makeup!

There are a few things that I've been using on a daily basis. The first thing is not necessarily the space palette as that's fairly new, but the shadows in it. I bought a few NYX single shadows and a Mac single shadow and popped them in a palette with all my indies. I've been using this palette every day and I'd forgotten how much I love everything in it! There will be another post on this up soon.

I'm also loving reading at the minute. Not necessarily the book shown (although I have nearly finished it) but in general. I used to be an avid reader when I was younger and decided I wanted to start again! I've downloaded some books onto my kindle app on both my phone and tab (handy because I can read at lunch at work) and I've also dug some books out that I haven't read yet. My dad has also lent me some of his books that he thought I'd like!

Next up is the Rimmel sun Shimmer Matte bronzer. I have this in both light and medium so I'm covered whether I'm tanned or not and I love it! It's a very subtle bronzer but still gives a lovely glow. 

When I picked up my new NYX shadows I also picked up their white base. This is perfect for popping under a bright shadow and makes it super bright! This also doesn't crease on me and I have really oily lids.

My lips have been really chapped and sore lately so I went on the hunt for a new lipbalm. I decided to give a Blistex one a go - I'd never tried one but a few ladies at work swear by them. I picked mine up in the cherry flavour and this has completely got rid of my chapped lip issue. My only slight problem with it is that it has a white tone to it so i can't wear this out of the house on it's own or my lips look white. But this is perfect for applying before lipstick or overnight.  

Since I've been wearing bright eyeshadow lately, I've been going for more neutral lips. My favourite at the minute is Nougat by GOSH. This is my perfect mix of brown and pink and it goes with so many looks. This is permanently in my handbag at the minute.

Finally we have my new favourite eyeliner. I've been using pen eyeliners for a while and thought that I'd give a normal liquid eyeliner a go. A few youtubers had mentioned the Maybelline Master Ink Matte eyeliner so I grabbed it and I am so glad that I did! This is possibly the best eyeliner that I've ever used. It's really black and really easy to use. The nib is flexible but not to bendy so it's easy to get the perfect flick.

What have you all been loving? Any products that I should try?

2 June 2016

My Custom Crowd Colour Palette - Review and Experience

I've been wanting to purchase a custom palette from Crowd Colour for a while and I finally bit the bullet last month. I went for one of the space design and chose this gorgeous one! I decided that I didn't want any writing on mine and just a picture.

For those of you who haven't heard of Crowd Colour, they are a website that offers personalised Z Palette style palettes. These come in either black or white and in small, medium or large. I went for a large black one and then added my customisations afterwards.

The price point on these is very reasonable, my large palette cost me £16 plus around £3 postage which is similar to Z palettes.

The palette itself feels very sturdy and I personally feel this palette is better than my Z Palette as the Crowd Colour version has a large mirror in the lid. 

As you can see, I've used mine for my depotted and hand pressed shadows (post coming soon on how I do this) and it's nearly full already! Oops!

However, even though this palette is fantastic quality, I'm not sure that I personally would purchase from Crowd Colour again. I placed my order on 14th May and the site said I should have my order within 7 working days. This meant my order should have been with me by 23rd/24th May. By this point I hadn't received a dispatch notification so I tweeted them on 25th and got told I would be responded to the following day. I also sent them an email letting them know I was worried as I hadn't received my palette yet. I didn't get the response the day after but my palette arrived a few days later after being posted out on the 25th (when I complained). To date, I still haven't had any acknowledgement or response to either my tweet or email checking that I have my palette.

I've ordered from many brands in the past, both mainstream and indie and this is one of the worst customer service teams I've encountered. Customers shouldn't be ignored and it wasn't just my tweet either.

So based on the lack of dispatch info and poor customer service, I think I might stick to plain Z palettes in future. Which is a shame as this palette is stunning just let down by poor CS.

9 May 2016

How I do my own gel nail polish

I've had a few questions recently on how I do my own gel nails at home so I thought I'd write a post up on it. I've never been to a salon to have my nails done (I don't trust them and I'd probably end up telling them that they're doing something wrong) so I can't compare to that experience. Getting gel nail polish done at a salon or by a fully trained professional can be expensive. In my area, it's usually between £10 and £20 dependent on where you go and if you use someone who is mobile or not. I personally can't bring myself to pay someone that much to do my nails when I know that I can do them myself at home. 

The first thing I do is make sure that my nails are completely free of any polish. Then I will either use a mani bomb (this one is from Danglefoot Nails) or I'll pop some cuticle oil on. This is because I'll be using rubbing alcohol and possible acetone which really dries my hands out. I'll either use the mani bomb or oil for about 10 minutes before I start my nails.I also like to work with a towel or mat down where I'm working. This is purely because I know I'm clumsy and I'll probably spill if there's nothing down. 

Once this is done, you'll need to wipe your nails with a lint free wipe and some rubbing alcohol/cleanswer. This removes all of the extra oil from your nails and helps the polish to adhere better.

Next I apply my base coat, make sure you use a thin layer for this or your nails will end up looking really thick. Since I use an LED lamp, this only takes 30 seconds. Most brands of gel polish can be used with either an LED or a UV lamp, the only difference is that a UV lamp will take longer to cure. 

Once this has cured, there will be a sticky layer called the inhibition layer, this needs to be wiped off with some more rubbing alcohol or your coloured polish won't stick. Usually I will only do one coat of base, but if I'm using a brigher colour like a red, then I'll usually do a double layer - just repeat and get rid of the inhibition layer between coats.

Then it's on to the colour. This will normally take 2-3 coats curing in between. It's much better to do thin coats with gel rather than thicker ones, thick coats might not cure properly and will also make your nails look really thick. There's also no inhibition layer with coloured polish so you can do your second coat as soon as the first has finished. 

Once your colour is done, it's time to topcoat! There'll be an inhibition layer on this too which can be removed with a little rubbing alcohol and some lint free wipes.

Here are my finished nails! I need to work on keeping my edges neat but I was pretty pleased with this set. If you mess up a little around the edges, just use a bit of acetone on a brush and clean up before you cure. Once it's cured, it's really hard to get off your skin. 

Most brands of gel polish will have their own cleanser and remover but I rarely buy those. I just think they're overpriced for what they are. The cleanser is usually just rubbing alcohol with colour in it and the remover is just acetone. You can pick these up much cheaper in other places.

To remove your gels, simply file the top to break the top layer of polish. Then soak a cotton pad in alcohol and wrap your finger tip up in foil. If you leave this for 10 minutes, most of the polish should just crumble away when you give it a rub. Any stubborn bits can be pushes off with a cuticle stick. 

I hope you found this helpful!

2 May 2016

Makeup Revolution New-Trals vs Neutrals Eyeshadow Palette

I love a good eyeshadow palette, it's something that I will wear every day even if I don't have foundation or eyeliner on. My newest addition to my collection is the New-Trals vs Neutrals palette from Makeup Revolution. I've had my eye on this for a while and I finally took the plunge and bought it (it matches perfectly with my new dress - that justifies it right).

Since this is one of their professional palettes, this comes in a box (which I forgot to take a picture of) and this one has a matte effect top which is different to the other palettes that I have from this brand. The lid also houses a giant mirror that would be perfect for travelling and there's also a little plastic sheet that tells you the names of the shadows. 

Makeup Revolution New-trals vs neutrals

And here's the inside of the palette. Isn't it beautiful! There are 16 shades in total, the top row are all warm/peachy toned and the bottom row are slightly cooler and also much shimmery-er. All of the shadows are really nice, the pale shades don't show up that well on me but then most pale shades don't. The shadows are also a little powdery but I personally don't mind that at all.

Makeup Revolution New-trals vs neutrals

These swatches are from the top row. Left to right there's: Bias, Neutral, Personal, Vogue, Trend, New-tral, tone and Custom. 

Makeup Revolution New-trals vs neutrals

These are from the bottom row. Left to right there's: Cool, Style, Partial, Mode, Adapt, Buff, Suit and Strong. 

Makeup Revolution New-trals vs neutrals

The top row of shadows is definitely my favourite so far. I love warm toned shadows and the peachy tones are perfect for this time of year (when the English weather bucks up!). My go to eye look at the minute is Neutral and Vogue in the crease with Personal all over the lid.

I'll definitely get lots of wear out of the bottom row too when autumn and winter rolls around.

24 April 2016

Barry M Coconut Infusion Swatches

You may or may not be aware that Barry M have released a new collection - the coconut Infusion collection. These can be found at both Superdrug and Boots for £4.99 each. Normally I wouldn't buy a whole collection but the colours were just so pretty that when Superdrug had an offer where you could buy all nine shades for just £25, I couldn't resist!

These polishes differ from the normal Barry M polishes as they contain both coconut milk and oil to both hydrate and nourish your nails. You can find more information here!

Barry M Coconut Infusion

21 April 2016

New In My Makeup Bag - Natural Collection

I'm thinking of turning this post into a series to share what new items I've been using. I tend to take advantage of the 3 for 2 offers so I usually but a few things from a brand at once and I thought it would be nice to share my first impressions. Let me know if you would like to see more of these posts.

Today's post is on Natural Collection. This is a brand that I usually just walk straight past when I'm in Boots and I'm not sure why. I decided to grab a new face powder and also one of their blushes.

Natural Collection

18 April 2016

The £20 Makeup Challenge!

I've seen a few people doing this tag recently and I felt like giving it a go.

Basically, you have to try and put a makeup look together with a budget of £20 for the items you use (excluding brushes etc). You obviously don't have to a full face if you don't want to but I tried my hardest to use all items. You also shouldn't go over budget but you can come in under.

I think that you're supposed to go and buy new items for this tag but I just raided by stash for the most part with a few new bits added in!

16 April 2016

Danglefoot Cuticle Butter Review

My hands have been really dry recently which I think is due to the weather keep changing plus me working with a lot of paper at work. My main problem area is the ends of my fingers and around my cuticles. I've even had my cuticles peeling back which was the point where I realised that I've been neglecting my hand care items.

Danglefoot Cuticle Butter

14 April 2016

The Melt Crowd VS Dreamlights Melt Box

Everyone who knows me knows that I have a slight thing for wax melts and candles. I will usually have either a melt or candle on pretty much every day. I even have burners both upstairs and downstairs that all have different scents in them!

I love the idea of wax melt subscription boxes. I've been subscribed for about 9 months and as much as I love her melts, I fancied trying something new! I've got the latest Melt Crowd box from Flamingo Candles and also the monthly melt box from Dreamlights.

31 March 2016

Testing high end foundations and mini reviews

I've always been a high street (drugstore) makeup girl. But recently, I've been branching out and trying out some more high end products. Lipsticks and blushes are fairly easy purchases as there's no end of swatches and reviews online and you can always try them out at the counter too. Foundations, however, are much harder to blind buy.

I have somewhat difficult skin. I'm oily through my t zone but I also get dry patches and I can also break out if my skin hate a product. But then again, I think that most peoples' skin will do the same. I just couldn't bring myself to blind buy £30 foundations when there was a risk that my skin would hate them.

28 March 2016

Dry brush and stamping

I've been feeling a lot more inspired to do my nails recently and I loved this design so much that I wanted to share it here. I do post all of my nail art over on my Instagram page so make sure you follow me if you want to see all my designs.

These nails were inspired by this post from Furiousfiler on Instagram. You should definitely go and follow her because her designs are lovely.  

15 February 2016

Trying sheet masks for the first time

I've always loved a good face mask and I always love trying out new ones - but I'd never tried any of the sheet masks. I took to Ebay and picked out a few from some Korean brands to try out. I have oily skin so I will usually go for a clay mask but as my skin has been feeling really dry lately, I've been trying these out to help get some moisture into my skin.

Products purchased:
InnisFree - It's tea tree and It's real avocado
Etude House - Green tea and Hyaluronic Acid
Tony Moly - I'm real pomegranate
My Beauty Diary - Apple Polyphenol mask

tony moly sheet mask

These masks are basically a folded sheet of material that is folded and soaked in what is essentially a serum. You leave them on your face for up to 30 mins or longer if you prefer which makes them a perfect bath time treat! Once you peel the mask off, you can either wash the residue off or rub it into your face like a moisturiser. 

After trying most of these out, my favourite is most definitely the Tony Moly mask. It fit my face fairy well, made my skin feel really plump and hydrated and you could see the difference on my skin after using it.

With most of the others, they didn't fit my face (they were too short and the eye holes are far too small) and I couldn't really tell that I'd used a mask afterwards (apart from the residue they leave). 

The Hyaluronic acid mask has actually really messed my skin up. I only left it on for about 10 minutes because my face started to feel funny and I washed all the serum off too. It's made my forehead and nose which are the oiliest parts of my face go dry and flaky so I won't be buying that one again.

I'll definitely be buying some more of the Tony Moly masks at some point but I may also try out some other brands first.

(On a side note, can anyone recommend a good moisturiser?)

8 February 2016

Sigil Cosmetica review and haul!

Whilst looking through Etsy for new makeup brands to try, I stumbled (or was pushed by a friend) upon a brand called Sigil Cosmetica. This brand is based in New Zealand and after looking through her items, I knew I had to order. Shipping from the US has jumped up quite a lot recently which has put me off ordering from lots of brands, but shipping to the UK from New Zealand worked out at only £1.81! That (and the fact that they had a Labyrinth collection) tipped it for me and I had to put and order in!

I ordered 12 eyeshadow samples and a blush sample and including the shipping cost, this only came to £11.90! I was really impressed with the prices. 

I ordered on Jan 21st, my order shipped on Jan 23rd and it arrived here in the UK 1st Feb.

On to the haul/swatches!

sigil cosmetica labyrinth collection

Underground, Magic Dance, Hallucination, Sir Knight from the Labyrinth collection.

sigil cosmetica labyrinth collection

Dream Peach, Not Fair, Barn Owl, Oubliette also from the Labyrinth collection. 

sigil cosmetica

Orion, Changling, Dwarf, Omega, Maneater (blush)

sigil cosmetica labyrinth collection

L to R Magic Dance, Oubliette, Dream Peach, Barn Owl, Underground, Not Fair, Hallucination, Sir Knight. My favourites here are Magic Dance, Dream Peach and Not Fair.

sigil cosmetica

L to R Orion, Omega, Dwarf, Changling, Maneater (blush). My favourite here is most definitely Dwarf.

All the shadows are very pigmented and smooth, I would compare them to Shiro or Hello Waffle for quality. I was very impressed with my initial swatches and I was even more impressed when I used them (over Eccentric Cosmetics eye primer). They're all beautiful and last really well throughout the day. I will definitely be ordering some more in the future.
The blush was really pigmented on me, I looked like I'd been out running (like that would ever happen) but I really like the colour! I'll be trying other blushes too.

Sigil Cosmetica can be found here!

1 February 2016

Common Brimstone Review

If you'd read my last de-stash post (here!), then you'll have spotted that I picked up a couple of Indie perfumes. I've never really been a perfume fan, I wear it but I only ever had one bottle at once and they never lasted very long on my skin.

A friend sent me a couple of samples that didn't work for her and I was hooked! I now have a steadily growing collection which is mainly built up of samples.

I picked up three Common Brimstone samples for 50p each to try. They're a UK based company so if they worked, I was planning on putting a bigger order in. I didn't actually look up the notes of these before I bought them - I have a habit of only buying perfumes if they have nutmeg or cinnamon in them (yes I like to smell like Christmas) so I thought I'd grab a few without looking first. In my head, they were only 50p each so it didn't matter too much if I didn't like them - I could just pass them on to a friend.

I checked with the owner and all of her perfumes are made with fractioned coconut oil and the only scent that has almond oil in it is Snow White. Anything else with any nut in the notes only has the fragrance in the perfume which is amazing for me and my nut allergy.

Now to the review!

common brimstone

All samples are 2ml and they come in these adorable mini bottles - they also have a little cap thing on the top with a hole in the middle that makes it so much easier to put these on! I'm usually terrified of spilling the bottles or sending the vials flying! You can either buy these samples individually (£2.50), in a set of three (£5), a set of five (£6.50) or a set of ten (£11). You can also get collection sample sets.

common brimstone

Secret Garden - Push aside the tangles of overgrown vines and thorny bushes, and uncover a private haven. Loaded down with fresh tomato leaf, sweet honeysuckle, and an explosion of cherries, peaches, and bergamot, Secret Garden is a world of wonders. It's finished off with vanilla and oakmoss, and has just a touch of elegant white wine in the mix. This one is fresh, indulgent, and enchanting. 

After reading the description, I wasn't sure if I would like this or not. On cold sniff I get lots of the tomato leaf which I'm not a massive fan of but then it settles down to a beautiful, fruit and honeysuckle scent. I absolutely love this, which is strange because I wouldn't usually go for a floral perfume. 

MGP - I can't actually find the notes for this one - it must have either been limited edition or a gift with purchase or something.

I get lots of something that smells like tomato leaf on cold sniff and it settles down to what smells really similar to sweet pea flowers. Again, I wouldn't have picked this but I absolutely love it!

Strawberry Moon - June is the height of strawberry season, so what else could June's full moon possibly be named after? I've mashed up sweet strawberry jam with tart rhubarb and a dollop of juicy raspberry leaf absolute. A touch of marzipan tempers all that fruit, and it's rounded off with cool green tomato leaf. This is a light, summery gourmand, perfect for picnics - or any other occasion!

This one is more what i would go for because it has fruit in it. In the bottle it smells just like stawberry jam. When i put it on, this fades away and I'm left with marzipan and what smells like cherry (even though it's not on the list). The scent really reminds me of bakewell tarts.

I've seen that a lot of people have issues with Common Brimstone and the perfumes not lasting very long on their skin. Personally, I get around 5 hours out of these ones before I need to re-apply. I personally find that that is a very good wear time for me. I also have no issue with having to re-apply as the bottles are tiny and fit in my bag.

I'll be doing a bigger order with CB soon!

26 January 2016

The De-Stash Files!

I've done a couple of posts before on my de-stash bargains that I'd managed to find and I've decided to make them into a series because they've always gone down well.

So here's the first De-Stash File! These are all things that I've bought in de-stash posts over the last month-ish. I personally use Reddit for this as I prefer it and I know the moderators on the sub-reddit that I use so I feel safer on there. (If anyone needs help with reddit then let me know!)

First up is Illamasqua cream blush in Dixie and Clinique plum pop blush. The clinique blush had never been used and Dixie had been used once (and sterilised by both seller and myself before use). Since I picked these up for £9 each, these were a complete bargain and I love them both! Just be warned that the Illamasqua cream blushes are really pigmented! Do not just stab your brush in and put it on your face like I did because you will look like you've just been for a run in the cold!

Illamasqua Dixie Clinique Plum Pop

Next up is an Indie perfume lot. I'm still trying to figure out which brands I like and which notes work on me, so I'm only buying perfumes from de-stash sales at the minute. If I love any then I'll go back to the seller for a full size. I got Future Primitive Owlett's End full size perfume and this was £4 (£8 direct from seller). I them picked up some Common Brimstone samples in Strawberry Moon, Secret Garden and MGP for 50p each! The seller was lovely and also threw in a free sample of OHWTO solid perfume in I smell like a Witch.

Future Primitive

Next up are two orders from my favourite seller on Reddit. I got Milani matte lipstick in Sangria (£1), Hello Waffle pressed blush in Fanciful (£5) and a Haus of Gloi Pumpkin Queen perfume sample (£1). I would consider this seller to be my friend, we chat quite a lot on there and she always includes extra goodies in my packages. I'd commented that a perfume she had sounded right up my street so she decanted some of hers into a mini bottle for me. The perfume was Solstice Scents Sycamore Chai and is in the little bottle on the right of the picture. 


And finally my latest order from the same seller as above. I got Fyrinnae pressed shadow in Mephisto (£5), Eccentric Cosmetics liquid lipstick sample in Forbidden City (£1) and the Eccentric Cosmetics eyeshadow base sample size in Lust (£1). 

Because this lady is so lovely, she included all of the below freebies across my two orders with her. She either passes on samples that don't work for her, or because we have similar colouring and tastes, she will depot some of her shadows into sample baggies for me to try. She's also based in the UK like I am so she knows how much it costs to get things shipped and sometimes the shipping is just too expensive unless you're buying lots. 

If anyone wants any review posts on these, just let me know which ones in the comments. 

19 January 2016

January Clothing Haul 2016

I know that I don't normally post clothing hauls, but I thought that I would do for a change. I feel like I'm at a strange in-between stage with my clothes. I would usually dress in jeans, converse and then some form of funny/character t shirt. My problem is, that all of the character t shirts at the minute seem really young and most of the other clothing items seem too old for me. So I'm experimenting a little and trying different things which I thought I'd document. If any of you have any suggestions then I'd love for you to share them with me!

I'll start with the few bits that I picked up from Primark.

My favourite shoe style is usually converse or vans (specifically my skateboarding dinosaur pair) but I thought that the mock croc design makes the vans style seem slightly more grown up so I grabbed a £5 pair from Primark. This means that I can try them to see if I would actually wear them before investing in a more expensive pair.

I also grabbed a pair of cute, black dolly shoes for work. I love the wide fit range in Primark because the normal range squishes my toes - plus the wide fit range has cushioned soles! These were £8.

I grabbed a couple of long sleeved tops for layering. These are really stretchy, the sleeves are actually long enough for me and they're only £2.50 each!

I have a habit of putting my nails through my tights on a regular basis so I usually only bother with Primark tights now. I spotted this set of 3 pairs that apparently keep you cool when it's warm and warm when it's cold. Although I'm not sure why you would want to wear 80 denier tights when it's warm out. Plus I think this pack was only around £3.

I'm a sucker for anything Disney so when I spotted the adorable Bambi socks, I just had to have them. These are trainer socks and I didn't actually have any of these so I grabbed a set. This set of 3 was £2.50!

The last thing I grabbed was this set of hangers. I love the velvet hangers because they actually manage to stop my work shirts from sliding off the hanger and onto the floor of my wardrobe! These ones are also super thin which means I can fit more clothes in! This set of 10 was £4.

Now on to ASOS! I also added the unlimited next day delivery for £9.95 to my order because I figured that I only have to do 2 orders in a 12 month period to make my money back. Plus, you get free collected returns.

The first thing I grabbed was a blanket scarf! I've wanted one of these for a while and since it was reduced to £7, I couldn't really say no! It's warm and cozy and I absolutely love it!

Next up is a pair of Rivington High Waisted, ripped knee jeggins that were reduced to £14 from £28. I've wanted some of these for a while, but couldn't quite bring myself to pay full price until I knew how good the quality was! This is my first pair of high waisted anythings and I love them! They're super stretchy which means they don't squish my stomach or catch on my belly bar.

I also got this Moki high neck, sleeveless jumper. I love this so much! It's warm and cozy but it's a little on the big size. I got an axtra small and it's still a bit big, but at least it means that I can pop a long sleeved top on underneath it.  This was reduced from £25 down to £7.50!

Then I grabbed another jumper like the one above but this one is from Brave soul. They look similar, but they're different shades of grey and this one is a slightly thinner knit and this one is also longer. I got this in a size 8 and it's quite big so I'd recommend sizing down! This was reduced from £25 down to £8.

Next I grabbed an Asos turtle necked red and white striped top. This is super comfy! Though the nexk does feel a little tight on me but I think that's because I'm not used to anything being high necked. I got a size 8 and it fits me perfectly. This was reduced from £12 down to £8.

Finally I very optimistically grabbed a crop top. I've been wanting to push myself to try and wear a crop top (with my high waisted jeans) so I picked up one that was in the sale to see whether or not I would wear it. I'll have to wait until it's warmer though! This was reduced from £8 down to £4 and a size 8 fits me perfectly.

Thanks for reading! Are there any clothing items that you would recommend?

11 January 2016

How to depot your Indie samples

I want to feature Indie brands more on my blog. I find that they offer products and shades that aren't available on the highstreet and I absolutely love them!

Quite a few of the Indie makeup brands offer samples which will usually come in a small ziplock bag. I personally hate these, I can never get my brush to fit and I end up spilling half of it everywhere.

I bought a few packs of these little pots from Ebay. They're 5ml pots so they're easily big enough to fit a sample in, plus they look cute. The ones I've pictured below are a different set that I already had, but there are lots of different styles if you look for them. 

Depotting your samples is really easy although I would put a piece of paper or kitchen roll where you are working because it can get a little messy. 

All I do is remove the sticker from the sample and stick it onto the lid of the pot - they're usually the perfect size for this. Then I shake the bag so that all of the sample is in a corner, open the bag and pour into the pot. It's really that simple! You will have a little left in the bag that's stuck to the sides and won't pour out - you can either use this up with a brush or just thrown it in the bin (I do this option because I hate the bags).

And there you go! Samples that are far easier to use and they look so cute in your makeup collection too!

8 January 2016

My best products of 2015

I know that everyone is doing these posts so I'll try to keep this one short, but I thought I'd share my standout discoveries this year. These are all new products that I only discovered in the last 12 months that have made it into my regular makeup routine.

First up is the one I thought I'd hate - Benefit Roller Lash. I tried the They're Real mascara and loved how it looked but hated taking it off so I thought this one would be the same. I picked up a deluxe size from my local Boots to try which was around £9 and I love it! I don't need to curl my lashes at all with this mascara! It lifts, curls and volumises and it's by far the best mascara I've ever used!

Essence All About Matt powder. I picked this up on a whim and now I'm on my third one! This mattifies without being cakey and actually keeps my oily skin mostly matt throughout the day. 

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer. This concealer is fantastic for concealing my under eye circles. It's very yellow toned which I like (I'm very yellow and olive in summer) and it has light reflecting particles in it which also helps to make the area look bright.

L'Oreal Super Liner (Perfect Slim version). This beat my Supercat eyeliner to be my new favourite. I've been using this for around 4 months and it gives a perfect line, is really easy to do a flick with and it also doesn't transfer at all. This one will be hard to beat.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Matte in Beau Brun. I love the formulation of these lipsticks, they usually last a good 6 hours minimum on me before needing a slight top up so they're perfect for work. I currently have 3 of these but Beau Brun is my favourite. It's a gorgeous brown/red shade that's not too bright.

Rimmel Kate Nude lipstick in 45. This is my perfect nude shade and is probably my most worn lipstick of the year. It's a gorgeous pink/brown shade that adds a touch of colour without being bright. It's perfect for when I don't have time to pick a lipstick and this one usually lives in my bag so I can put in on in the car!

What have you all been loving for the last 12 months? Is there anything you think I should try?

4 January 2016

Benefit Real Cheeky Party

I was very lucky and received the Benefit Real Cheeky Party blush set for my birthday and I thought I'd do a quick review. I've just been on google and it looks to be sold out in most places - but if you ever see it, then it's definitely worth grabbing!

The set comes in a tin (much better than cardboard packaging) and each set contains 4 full size blushes, a full size Hoola bronzer along with samples of the Watt's Up highlighter, They're Real liner and They're Real mascara. Since this set only cost £29.50 from Boots and each blush on it's own would usually be £23.50, I think this set is fantastic value for money!

The set also comes with a little book which gives you ideas on how to use each product along with a few different looks to try. The blushes included are Dandelion, Rockateur, Sugarbomb and Coralista. These blushes smell really lovely too - I can't tell what exactly they smell like but they're very sweet which I personally like.

None of these blushes are heavily pigmented which I really like. I prefer to have a less pigmented blush that I can build up than one that I have to be really careful with. Here are some quick arm swatches.

Left to right we have Dandelion, Rockateur, Sugarbomb, Coralista, Hoola and Watt's up.

My favourite from this set is definitely Sugarbomb which was a big surprise for me! It's never been one that I've looked at and I didn't think it would suit me at all. It gives a lovely glow to your cheeks that isn't too over the top and it's been my most worn shade from this palette. I also love Coralista which is a gorgeous coral colour with lots of sheen in it. 

These are all gorgeous blushes and the set is most definitely worth the money. Although I am contemplating depotting into an alternative palette to make storing them easier. Does anyone have any palette suggestions?