3 November 2015

Blackbird Mattes Vol 1 and 2 the review!

I recently rediscovered my love for Indie eyeshadows and I realised that I didn't have any matte shades. Most brands tend to do very shimmery and glittery eyeshadows (which I'm not complaining about at all... I love glitter!) but I sometimes miss having a matte shade in my crease. 

A brand that I've had my eye on for a while is Blackbird Cosmetics and when she put the sample sets on sale, I grabbed them! Unfortunately, she doesn't offer the sample sets anymore. But you get to pick two samples per order (or you can just pick samples and pay shipping) and she will also add two samples of her choosing. As long as I've remembered that correctly, that means you can get 4 free samples per order which is amazing! She also does pressed pans of her shadows which sound amazing! I make such a mess with the loose shadows sometimes.

I ordered these on 20th Oct, they shipped early in the morning on 21st Oct and they arrived in my grubby little mitts on 29th Oct. To say that these came from the US, that's pretty amazing! That's quicker than I can receive some orders from UK companies!

On to the goods! Warning, this is a very picture heavy post! Each set of samples came in a little handmade (I think) envelope with stickers sealing them shut which also had the collection name on them. I also had another envelope with a thank you sticker that had a couple of extra samples.

I'll show you the samples first. The little envelope had a business card (to add to my collection) along with a sample of the Kitten Kiss blush (lovely colour for me) and a sample of the Magic Trick Super powder in green (to be used over red areas)

Here is the first set of mattes! This is a lovely collection and I love all of them! The only one that I'm a little unsure of is Fiction but I think that's just because it's grey. I'm not sure of all the undertones in these shades but they're all lovely and (fairly) neutral. I think the shades that I've won the most from this collection are Fire Pledge, Beau and Dim Tradition.

  L to R Imogen, Immortals, Thirteen, Dim Tradition

L to R Dog Days, Fiction, Beau, Fire Pledge

L to R Lucid, Gravity

And here is Vol 2! This collection again has fairly neutral colours but a couple of them are slightly bolder than the other collection. Again, I'm not sure of all the undertones so you're best checking her website for those. My most worn so far from this collection are Atlas, Smudge and Ruca.

L to R Juliet, Everest, Modesty, Half full

L to R Whisper, Atlas, Figment, Smudge

L to R Ruca, Vintage

And here is my face with some of the shadows and also the blush sample. I have no idea why my skin looks a strange shade in these photos. 

Base - Half Full
Crease - Fire Pledge
Outer V and crease - Beau
Inner corner - Half Full
Lashline - Lucid

And a lovely shot of my eyes closed!

Overall, I love these shadows so much! They're smooth and buttery and really pigmented too! 

Have any of you tried this brand?

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