10 August 2015

My first trip to The Range

So, in my area, all of the Homebase stores have now become The Range. When we pulled up to my local one (we were going to the Morrison's next door) and my friend found out that I'd never been into The Range before, I got dragged straight in! I have since decided that I absolutely love this shop and I'm going to go to another one nearby that I think is bigger at the weekend to have a nosey round.

For those of you who haven't been into The Range before, it's a wonderful shop that's full of everything. It's mainly homeware (or at least it is in my one) and it also has lots of stationary and food too. Which means that I was able to pick up some of my favourite things without having to go into three separate shops. 

The first thing that I have to show you is this incredibly cute cup. It's a good size and has quite thick sides too so your brew will stay warm for longer. It has a sheep, cow, pig and duck going round with the noises they make around the top. I may have forgotten to take a picture of it before I'd made a brew, so you can have a picture of my cup of tea :). This cup was a steal at only £2.50!

Next up is this cute little tray. This is only mini (called a trinket tray in store) and they had lots of different designs and also big trays to match. I've been using this to put my hair clips, bobbles and earrings in to stop them floating around on my desk. This again was a steal and was only £1. 

I'd been looking for a notebook for a while that I could use to jot down my blog ideas and this one seemed perfect to me. It's hard backed and has a record player print on it which I absolutely love! This again was only £1.

Here are the last things that I took pictures of. The pink blu tack is actually the first thing that I grabbed when I walked in (along with the phrase "oooh stationary") and I picked this up because I'm fed up of lipsticks rolling away when I'm trying to take pictures of them. Fellow bloggers can relate to this, so I'm going to use this in my photos. I also grabbed some fineliner pens to use to jot down my blog ideas and of course they're brightly coloured. Both of these were £1 each.

I also grabbed a box of Mint Poppets (£1) and some fragranced bin liners (79p!) and all of this only set me back a whole £8.28! I was quite shocked at the til because I thought I'd spent a lot more than that.

I can't wait to go back this weekend and see what else I can find. Have any of you been in The Range? Is there anything I should look out for?

7 August 2015

The Melt Crowd box from Flamingo Candles

Summer for me is pretty much over, it's going rather cool and I'm settling into my Autumn clothing/makeup and my candle obsession is making it's way to the surface again. There's something about autumn/winter that makes me absolutely love candles (especially all of the cinnamon Christmassy ones).

I came across the Melt Crowd box from Flamingo Candles and signed myself up to it one day to cheer myself up. For £10 a month (this includes postage) you get 8 full sized tarts and you even get a free burner with your first box too! You get a mix of current scents, scents to be launched and also a few that are exclusive to the box and each box is a surprise! You won't know which scents have been picked until the box drops through your door. You also get a little card with details of the scents and a 20% discount code for an order placed in that month.

BONUS - after the first box (which is bigger due to the burner) the box will fit through your letter box so there shouldn't be any little red cards from Royal Mail. It's also guaranteed that you shouldn't receive the same scents for at least 3 months.

Here are all the melts, don't they look gorgeous! And the burner is really pretty too. The scents that were included in the August box are:

Strawberries & Champagne
Fresh Cotton (MC Exclusive)
Ginger & Lime
CIRCUS - Doughnuts (MC Preview)
Green Apples
Kir Royale
Pomegranate Cider
Dahlia (MC Exclusive)

My favourites so far are Ginger & Lime (Lime is usually a winner for me) and I also really like the Fresh Cotton one. The CIRCUS fragrance is irritating me because I know the scent and I can't quite put my finger on it. So if any of you have this box and can tell me what it smells of, then please leave it in the comments below :).

As you can see, I got a little excited and opened the Ginger & Lime one before I took the photos... oops! 

I personally like to swap and change my scents to I break each tart into quarters and burn it a piece at a time. 

The next box will be on 1st September but you can go subscribe now and you'll automatically be included next month. I'm staying subscribed to this box and I can't wait to see what I get next time! All the details can be found here.

2 August 2015

July 2015 Favourites

I know that every blogger starts these posts with "Wow, I can't believe x month has gone so fast" but I really can't! It feels like summer is over where I live and I've spent the last few days in jumpers craving my autumn lipsticks instead of summer brights. 

I only have a few favourites this month because I've only changed a few things from my Summer Make Up post. So let's take a look at the things I've been loving over the last few weeks!

First up is a different one for on here - my newest pair of Vans! This is a strange one because I used to absolutely hate anything that was leopard print, but it's growing on me as an accent piece like shoes. Most of my tops are plain so these shoes go perfectly with everything and they're super comfy!

Next up are two new brushes. The Zoeva 126 Luxe Cheek and 317 Wing Liner brushes. I picked these up in destash sales (there'll be another post at some point this week) and they're amazing! The cheek brush is the perfect size for my face (most are too big) and the liner brush makes winged liner super easy!

I also have a candle favourite this month. I love burning candles, especially when I'm painting my nails because it masks the smell of the polish. I've finally finished my Blueberry & Vanilla candle from Pintail Candles. I kind of lost this one, but rediscovered it as I was moving things over to my boyfriends house and now I've finished it. This is possibly my favourite candle that I've ever owned. The scent is beautiful and it's really strong too so you can smell it as soon as you walk in the room. I'm going to be re-purchasing this one next time I place an order (the Mince Pie one is also lovely).

Finally, here are my two new makeup favourites. We have NYX blush in Angel and Rimmel Kate Nude in 45. This blush is a gorgeous peach blush that also has shimmer so you don't need to apply highlight (perfect for lazy mornings before work) This lipstick however, is a surprise favourite for me. Anyone who knows me, will know that I love bright lipsticks and usually stay away from nudes. But a friend has turned that around for me and now I absolutely love brown toned nudes. I think this is one of the darker shades in the new Rimmel collection, but it wears really well and is a perfect my lips but better shade. It's that good that I've worn it almost every day since I bought it about 3 weeks ago and I don't think I've done that with any other lip shade that I've bought so far!

What have you all been loving?