10 July 2015

Freedom Make Up Decadence Eye Palette - Rock & Roll

I finally caved and bought some of the Freedom Makeup items which you can see in my Instagram post here. The thing that I was most excited about what the Rock & Roll palette.

The palette is in a glossy black case (that gets fingerprints on it really easily!) which was in a box that was then in a sleeve. I kind of with that the pattern from the sleeve was on the actual palette because it's so pretty and it would really help me identify which palette it is.

There are 20 shades in this palette that are mostly shimmers with a few mattes thrown in which suits me just fine. I know that I have hooded eyes and that I should apparently avoid shimmers, but I just love them when it's sunny. The shadows are all a really good size and are really buttery and smooth.

The entire lid is a mirror (which is huge and makes this perfect for travelling) and the palette comes with a double ended brush. My only problem with this palette is that there are no shadow names at all and even the insert doesn't show any names. 

On with the swatches! This is the top row and the first 5 shades on the left.

These are the top row shades that are on the right.

Bottom row on the left. 

Bottom row on the right.

Overall I absolutely love this palette and I've had to force myself to put it away to try out other things. The shadows are really opaque (all the above are only 1 swipe) and buttery and last a really good time on me over my primer. 

I do have one problem with this palette though, other than the lack of shade names. As soon as I opened this palette, before I'd even swatched them, I immediately grabbed for my Make Up Revolution Chocolate bar palette. I did this because I'd spotted my favourite shade in the Chocolate palette, in this new palette from Freedom. I thought this was strange as they've always stated that while they are sister companies, the products are completely different.

As I started swatching, I found more exact same shades and there were 6 in total. The gold shade is just ever so slightly different, but as you can see from the below picture, the other 5 are exactly the same. They look the same in the pan and they look the same in the swatches. No differences that I can see at all. 

The swatches on the top are from the Freedom palette, and the bottom ones are their counterparts in the Chocolate Bar palette. 

If they were completely different brands, then this wouldn't have bothered me at all. But for a new sister company of MUR to come out and one of their palettes have 5/6 shades from another palette (and possibly others) just didn't sit right with me. Luckily there are enough other colours in the Rock & Roll palette for it to be worth buying, but it's really put me off buying their other eye palettes as I don't want dupes in my collection.

What do you all think?


  1. These are such stunning colours! Its very odd they were the same in both palettes though.


    1. They really are! And it's very strange! If they were completely separate companies then I wouldn't think twice about it, but as they're sisters then it just didn't seem right at all!

  2. I was wondering whether to get this palette and now I'm convinced I should get it. I love the MUR Chocolate palette and strange as it sounds having the dupes along with pigmented new colors make me want it even more.

  3. Actually I'm glad that my favorite colours of the I heart chocolate palette are in here - it's more cost effective, that is if the freedom pans are of normal size (do you think that the amount of product is the same?) Anyway thanks for the internal dupe swatches - it's very informative :)

  4. Great catch re: Chocolate Bar Dupe shades! MR, Freedom & I Heart Makeup definitely share the same formulas and shades, just different packaging and prices. This palette, as well as the 2 more neutral versions (Today's Tonight and Magic) are all on sale for HALF PRICE on TAM Beauty for $4.20 US/ $5.00 CAD/ £3.00! Thanks so much for the review and swatches .. it's helped me decide I NEED it, lol.