15 July 2015

Freedom London Nail Polish Review

A few weeks ago, I put in an order at Freedom Makeup to try the products out. I have other reviews up, but here is what I think of their polishes. I only picked up two so that I could test them before buying more.

I picked up two shades from the Brights collection which are 410 and 415. I was a little disappointed that these only have numbers and not proper names, but they're still very pretty. The bottles are squary which makes them very hard to knock over (good for me as I'm very clumsy) and they also fit together perfectly in my helmer. 

410 - This is a gorgeous, sky blue shade that I fell in love with straight away. It's very opaque and is almost a one coater! This swatch shows 2 coats. 

415 - This is perfect for summer! A gorgeous green shimmery shade that reminds me of mermaids. This one is a little more sheer than the other shade and this is 2 coats. If I were to wear this out, I'd prefer to have 3 to make it more opaque.

I did a wear test with the blue shade and it lasted for 3 days before I got a chip! I think that that's amazing, especially since these are only £1 a bottle!

Have any of you tried this brand?

12 July 2015

Milani Baked Blushes

This review has been highly requested so here we are! I personally bought both of these blushes off Amazon but you can also find them on beautycrowd.com here.

These are from the baked blush range and they are both absolutely gorgeous! They come in little gold compacts with a window on the top so you can easily see which shade you're grabbing. Be warned, the gold writing on the top rubs off quite easily and this has completely gone on one of mine.

As you can see, these have a marbled appearance as they are baked and this makes them really shimmery. I tend to find that a light hand is needed and you shouldn't need a highlighter if you're using one of these as there is already lots of highlight in them. Just be careful because when you use your brush, they kick out a lot of shimmer and I always end up covered in glitter. 

These are also perfect to carry around in your handbag. They're not too big and the blushes also flip up to reveal a mirror (hello camera!) and also a tiny little brush.

Here are swatches on my arm. I built them up quite a lot so that my camera would pick it up, but they're more subtle when you use a light hand. The top one is Corallina (perfect for summer) and the bottom is Dolce Pink.

Which one is your favourite?

10 July 2015

Freedom Make Up Decadence Eye Palette - Rock & Roll

I finally caved and bought some of the Freedom Makeup items which you can see in my Instagram post here. The thing that I was most excited about what the Rock & Roll palette.

The palette is in a glossy black case (that gets fingerprints on it really easily!) which was in a box that was then in a sleeve. I kind of with that the pattern from the sleeve was on the actual palette because it's so pretty and it would really help me identify which palette it is.

There are 20 shades in this palette that are mostly shimmers with a few mattes thrown in which suits me just fine. I know that I have hooded eyes and that I should apparently avoid shimmers, but I just love them when it's sunny. The shadows are all a really good size and are really buttery and smooth.

The entire lid is a mirror (which is huge and makes this perfect for travelling) and the palette comes with a double ended brush. My only problem with this palette is that there are no shadow names at all and even the insert doesn't show any names. 

On with the swatches! This is the top row and the first 5 shades on the left.

These are the top row shades that are on the right.

Bottom row on the left. 

Bottom row on the right.

Overall I absolutely love this palette and I've had to force myself to put it away to try out other things. The shadows are really opaque (all the above are only 1 swipe) and buttery and last a really good time on me over my primer. 

I do have one problem with this palette though, other than the lack of shade names. As soon as I opened this palette, before I'd even swatched them, I immediately grabbed for my Make Up Revolution Chocolate bar palette. I did this because I'd spotted my favourite shade in the Chocolate palette, in this new palette from Freedom. I thought this was strange as they've always stated that while they are sister companies, the products are completely different.

As I started swatching, I found more exact same shades and there were 6 in total. The gold shade is just ever so slightly different, but as you can see from the below picture, the other 5 are exactly the same. They look the same in the pan and they look the same in the swatches. No differences that I can see at all. 

The swatches on the top are from the Freedom palette, and the bottom ones are their counterparts in the Chocolate Bar palette. 

If they were completely different brands, then this wouldn't have bothered me at all. But for a new sister company of MUR to come out and one of their palettes have 5/6 shades from another palette (and possibly others) just didn't sit right with me. Luckily there are enough other colours in the Rock & Roll palette for it to be worth buying, but it's really put me off buying their other eye palettes as I don't want dupes in my collection.

What do you all think?

8 July 2015

How to shop destash sales

Now, I know that not everyone is OK with buying makeup from a destash sale, but I am. If you're not someone who would do this, then feel free to give this post a miss.

I personally did a lot of research on what to look out for in sales and how to sterilise the makeup products that I bought. First of all, look out for sellers who have lots of the same item in lots of different shades. This mainly applies to foundation but can apply to other items too as this could mean that someone is potentially a "dumpster diver". I think this mainly applies more to US sellers as there have been quite a few cases where people have gone into the bins behind Sephora and Ulta and have grabbed all the products to sell on. This can potentially be very dangerous as you don't know where the make up has come from. 

If you're worried about the makeup being used, then it is very easy to sanitise the things you buy at home. Before I bought anything, I went on YouTube and did a little research on how to sanitise makeup and it really couldn't be easier. Simply get some rubbing alcohol/surgical spirit and spray over the makeup you've bought. Once it's dried, then your makeup should be completely germ free and safe for you to use :).

The only items that I won't buy are creams that come in a tube instead of a squeazy bottle. This is because it's impossible for you to sanitise a pot of cream so I personally won't risk it. 

I'm not trying to sound like an expert in this post, but these are a few tips that I've picked up on from the community that I use. I personally use reddit.com and more specifically, the r/makeupexchange page for buying/swapping things. This page is mainly US people (surprise surprise) but there are some UK and European sellers on there too and quite a few of the US sellers will ship internationally so you can grab some US brands too. All you have to do if you want to sell, is to make a post listing your items and the price you would like, along with a verification photo album (most people use imgur) and then people will comment and ask you for prices etc. This is my favourite place to buy used makeup and I've found some absolute bargains recently. 

Here are a few bits that I've picked up in the last month, I've put the prices they were listed as in brackets.

This was my first destash haul all from the same seller. I got Mac Creme Sheen in Coral Bliss (£7), No7 Pore Vacuum Mask (£4) and Nars Satin lip pencil mini in Rikugien (£6). Now, all of this together should have cost me £17 plus around £3 postage, but most sellers will give you a discount for buying multiple items and I only paid £17 for everything. Some sellers will give you more discount than others, but as a brand new Mac lipstick would be around £16, I was more than happy with this price. 

This is from my second destash sale, again all from one seller. In this one I grabbed the Too Face Shadow Insurance eye primer deluxe mini (£2), MUA Romantic Efflorescence eyeshadow palette (£1) which was still sealed, Benefit Stay Flawless primer deluxe mini (£1) which was again new and finally an Illamasqua lipstick in Starkers (£2). This all cost me £7.80 including postage which was fantastic. Especially since the Illamasqua lipstick when new is almost £20 on it's own (this one was only used 5x).

I mean, look how gorgeous this eye palette is and it was still sealed and brand new!

These are pictures of the lipsticks which have all been used an additional 2x each by me. They're all almost full so I will definitely get a lot of use out of these!

I do also buy a few bits off Ebay, but I completely avoid anything that is used and only has a stock photo instead of showing the usage.

6 July 2015

My Week In Nails

I think that I'm going to try to start a new feature on my blog - my week in nails. I keep losing interest in doing fancy designs on my nails, but a lot of you would still like to see which colours I'm using. So I'm going to start a feature where I do just a single post on the manicures that I have done over the last week. So here are my nails!

First up are these beauties! The green is Essie Blossom Dandy and the cream is OPI My Vampire Is Buff. I then used one of the MoYou explorer plates and OPI I Have A Herring Problem for the stamping.

 These are my favourites from this week! My work threw a beach party for us (and transformed the car park into a beach) so I thought it was only right that I do beach themed nails! I started with a base of Barry M Cotton and all the rest was done using acrylic paints. I absolutely loved these (and my ombre sunglasses) and I was so sad when they started to chip.

This was my last mani of this week. I ordered a couple of the new Freedom Makeup nail polishes and I wore this one to use as a wear test. This is the Pro Impact Nails Brights in 410.

Thanks for reading!

2 July 2015

Nail Favourites 2015

I have a few more nail favourites this month (and far too many make up ones) so they actually have their own post this time. 

Rica Glossy Glam Top Coat - This is almost always a favourite when I get my grubby little mitts on a bottle. It's really quick drying and glossy as the name would suggest and I'm really sad that I can only get this when I put an order in on Harlow&Co.

Rimmel Rita Ora in Glaston-berry - This is a fairly new addition to my collection and i absolutely love it! It's a bright red/pink/coral shade that is perfect for summer.

Glam Polish in New Girl In Town - I think I've featured this one before, but it's a stunning coral holo and I've worn this a few times this month.

Essie in Blossom Dandy - I've only had this shade for a month or so, but it's become a regular in my polish rotation. I love minty shades at this time of year and I love this one!

OPI in My Vampire Is Buff - I've had this one for a while and it's a beautiful cream/white shade. I originally bought this to use as a base for my nail art and it's made it back out of my Helmer ready for the sunshine!

Dollish Polish Cuticle Balm in High Functioning Sociopath - As a lover of Sherlock and tea, it was pretty much guaranteed that I would love this! It's a highly nourishing cuticle balm that smells of tea and lemon which is amazing (though my boyfriend hates it).

Finger Lickin' Lacquer (now Bohemian Polish) Cuticle Oil in Key Lime Pie - Can you tell that I like foodie scents yet? This is again highly moisturising and I use this after I've painted my nails. Plus it smells like Key Lime Pie!

What have you all been loving?