29 May 2015

Wilkos Premium Make Up Brush Review

I've seen quite a few bloggers/youtubers raving about the Wilkos Premium brush range saying that they're Real Techniques dupes but at a lower price. I was in Wilkos anyway (picking up some Essence bits) so I decided to go and have a nosey at them. They have the brushes out on display so that you can have a feel of them before you buy them and I was sold as soon as I felt the powder brush.

The handle has a rubbery feel to it and they actually have the names of the brushes printed on the handles which makes it so much easier to refer to them! The ferrule is made of a coppery looking metal that I think makes these brushes look like they should cost so much more than they actually do. The bristles are a combination of brown and red synthetic bristles which looks incredibly pretty!

The brush that I originally went in for is this one, the powder brush. The bristles are the softest that I have ever felt and it feels so nice applying powder with this. It's certainly worth the £4 price tag. I got this home and offered it my boyfriend to feel how soft it was and he promptly snatched it off me and started stroking his face with it (as did my best friend and sister). I use this every day and it's even been washed but it's still as soft as it was when I took it out of it's packaging. 

After feeling the powder brush, I wanted another one and settled on the Smokey Eye Brush which was £3 I think (can't find a link for it on the website sorry!). Again, the bristles are incredibly soft and it blends colour out beautifully. I use this both for applying and blending my crease colour. 

These brushes are absolutely fantastic, especially for such a low price and I'll be going back for more the next time I'm in Wilkos!

25 May 2015

Sunflower Nail Art

I haven't been into doing my nail recently and I've just been doing them in plain colours. I think it's partly because it's gone back to being cold where I live and I'm not really in the mood to do bright and summery patterns.

But the sun has been out for a few days so I decided to paint sunflowers on my nails. The base for the flowers is Barry M Lychee, the yellow is NYC Lexington Yellow and my ring finger is ILNP Iconic with Essie Gilded over the top for some extra sparkle. I used acrylic paint and a thin brush to do the flowers. I topped everything off with my Barry M Matte Top coat because whenever the sun comes out I become obsessed with matt nails.

I'm really pleased with how these turned out and I'll be trying them again the next time the sun decides to make an appearance.

21 May 2015

Primark PS Love Makeup Review

Me and Samantha over at The Nail and Beauty Files decided that it would be fun if we both went into Primark to try out their makeup range. We both went in armed with £5 each and you find her review here so make sure you go have a nosey and give her a follow!

Everything is price really reasonable but the display in my store is always an absolute mess - half the stuff is opened or has parts missing from it or is just completely smashed from where people have been messing with it. I ended up walking round the display a few times before I picked anything up because Sam had managed to get her review up before I'd even been shopping for mine so I avoided certain items.

The first thing I grabbed was a pack of eyeliners. Those of you who know me well will know that I love coloured eyeliner, especially in summer. So when I spotted this set of two (and a sharpener) for just £1 then I had to get it! The liners are both really vibrant and well pigmented and they actually last incredibly well on my very watery eyes! I think that I'll be grabbing more of these in different colours.

Next up is a Shea Butter lip balm. I grabbed this because it looked a little like the EOS balms that I've been wanting to try and it was only £2. The packaging is really sturdy and it's also rubbery which feels really nice, The balm is moisturising (not very long lasting though) but it did burn my lips a little when I first applied it. I'm not sure if this was just because it was the first use, but it hasn't done it since. 

Finally is the Volumising Black Mascara that was either £2 or £2.50 (I can't remember and I lost the receipt). I picked this up because Miss Budget Beauty said that it was really good in one of her videos and I have to agree! It doesn't give great length, but it does give a lot of volume which I love. It has a nice, big, plastic brush that's easy to apply with and it doesn't really smudge either. I think this is going to become one of my favourite mascaras!

I love both the mascara and the eyeliners and would fully recommend them, but maybe give the balm a miss because of the weird burny thing.

Have any of you tried this makeup range?

18 May 2015

Huge Haul Post

Let me start by pointing out that I am in no way bragging about the items I have bought. I just treated myself to some new items and thought that you would like to see. If anyone wants me to review something, just leave it in the comments and I'll do those reviews first :). 

I went shopping last week and there were lots and lots of offers on so I went a bit mad. You can also tell that it was sunny and warm when I was out because everything is brightly coloured! I'm just going to add the photos and a list of the things in each photo underneath and you can let me know what you'd like me to review.

Queen Bee Bronzer - George at Asda

Primark - Volumising Mascara, Shea Butter Lip Balm and Eyeliners (in blue and green with a sharpener!)

Seventeen - BB cream (which I had to take back because it contains Almond Glycerides and I have a nut allergy) and Stay Pout lipstick in Man Hunt

Collection - Gorgeous Glow 

L'Oreal liquid lipstick (£5 off in boots when you buy a diet coke)

 MUA - Eyeliner in Royal Blue, Blush in Bon Bon, Cream Blush in Scrummy, Matte Black eyeliner, bronzer in shade 3 and the 5th birthday palette (free when you spend £8)

Rimmel Wake me up concealer and Match Perfection foundation, MUA lipstick in Nectar, Makeup Revolution Viper Mascara and Gosh lip liner in Flirty Orange.

Essence All About Matt powder, Gel effect nail polish in Brazil Jungle, eyeliner pen and Volume Curl Mascara

W7 eye palette in Smokey Shade and fixer spray, NYC Sunny Bronzer, Milani Baked Blush in Coralista and Rimmel Colour Rush in Sun-kissed

Rimmel Sunshimmer Maxi Bronzer, NYC Sun 2 Sun bronzer and Perfect Day polish, Essie nail polish in Strut your Stuff and Summit of Style and L'Oreal glossy stain in Marylin and Romy.

 Also, as a bonus for making it this far, here are a couple of looks using all my new products :)

What should I review first?

10 May 2015

Collection Little Mix Lipstick in Jesy

I'm gradually learning to branch out from my usual make up brands and i just couldn't resist this gorgeous lipstick! It was on offer in my local Asda for £1.25 but usually retails at £2.99 so it's really affordable. 

The packaging is sleek and simple, a black tube with the Little Mix logo on the lid.

I absolutely love this lipstick! It's my perfect red as it's quite orange which suits my warm undertones and I've worn this quite a few times since I picked it up. It lasts quite well too - the red stains your lips so the colour stays even once the lipstick has gone. Which means that this only needs topping up every 4 hours or so (at least on me). As it's not a matte shade, this is extremely comfortable to wear, but it does transfer onto cups etc so be careful!

Finally, a mugshot of me wearing this shade. My hands are a lot darker than my face which alters the colour of makeup. Excuse the squint, it was rather sunny and I was being blinded.

Do any of you have Collection lipsticks? What other colours would you recommend?

5 May 2015

Makeup Revolution Essential Mattes 2 palette review

This eyeshadow palette is one of the Redemption palettes - the Essential Mattes 2!  I'm a big fan of matte eyeshadows, I think that they're perfect for everyday day looks or for me to wear for work. This palette is full of neutral matte shades which should be perfect for almost everyone.

The packaging is sleek and simple - black with a window on the lid so you can see all the colours. I find this really useful as it means that I can identify which palette I've grabbed without having to keep opening them up. The only slight downside to me is that this palette came with a double ended eyeshadow sponge. Personally, I'd have preferred a brush, but for £4 I can't really complain and I just use my other brushes to apply.

There are 12 shades in this palette ranging from skin/flesh toned nudes at one end, through to some slightly smokier colours in the middle and then darker shades at the other end.

These swatches are in the same order as they are in the palette. You can see that the 4 lighter shades don't show up very well on my arm but they are lovely on the lid. They're perfect for just evening out your lid if you have any discolouration, or for highlighting. The other colours show up much better and I will usually use these in my crease and the darker ones under my eyes.

The shadows can create a little powder when you use your brush in them, but there is no fallout when you apply these to your face. The shadows are buttery and smooth and they blend out perfectly! I'm no expert when it comes to eyeshadow (oily lids are a nuisance) but since I found a primer that works, I wear shadow almost every day.

Since this palette dropped through my door, I've used it almost every day. The shadows are incredibly easy to work with which just makes this palette so easy when I have 10 minutes to get ready for work.

Do any of you have any Makeup Revolution palettes?

3 May 2015

Danglefoot Polish Review!

I'm a big fan of Indie companies, I think they offer something that high street brands just can't compete with. I've discovered an Indie polish brand that I absolutely love which is Danglefoot Nail Polish. The polishes are excellent quality (and very sparkly) and Hayley is lovely and really interacts with her customers which I really like.  

This time, I picked up 4 mini bottles (I never finish big bottles so I buy minis where I can)

Mega-Byte Memories - This is gorgeous dusky pink shade that is almost a jelly. This is two coats with no top coat.

Glass of Fizz - This is a dusky yet pale pink shade that's packed with holo sparkles! It's opaque in two coats and this photo is with no top coat. It does have a slight textured finish, so if you don't like that effect then you'll need to add top coat.

Grape Expectations - I wanted to grab another glitter after my obsession with Cosmic Girl (silver) so I went for this one which is a purple/pink purely glitter polish. This is two coats with no top coat. This does give pretty much full coverage in two coats, but you'll need a thick layer of top coat because it gives a very textured finish. 

Love You Berry Much - This is my favourite of them all I think. It's a beautiful deep purple with lots of sparkle. This is two coats and no top coat. Again, this does have a slightly textured finish so you might need top coat. 

Once again, my love of purple has struck but I really like all of these polishes! They wear really well on me and I'm going to be grabbing more as she releases new colours :).

1 May 2015

April 2015 Make Up Favourites!

Since I'm going to start doing more make up/beauty posts, I thought that I'd share the make up bits that I've been loving over the last month.

The sun is out and that means brighter colours for spring!

L'Oreal Infallible 24h Matte Foundation - I naturally have very oily skin, but I also get dry patches which makes finding a foundation that stays put is very difficult. I picked this foundation up at the beginning of the month and I haven't worn any of my others since! The finish is semi-matte so my skin doesn't look flat/dull but this stays in place for hours! I apply my makeup at around 8am each morning and this has only just started getting shiny at around 4.30-5pm which is amazing for me!  Even after that, the foundation will stay for a few more hours before it gets to the point that I need to take it off.

Milani baked blush in Dolce Pink - I really like this blush but it had fallen to the bottom of my bag in favour of newer blushes. I dug it back out and I now wear this almost every day! It's a gorgeous pink/coral shade that has gold shimmer through it so it's like blush and highlight in one! Perfect for the mornings where I don't have much time to get ready. I think I'm going to pick this up in a couple of other shades.

Makeup Revolutions Essential Mattes 2 Palette - I picked this up because I was looking for some neutral shades that I could wear every day and I've used this palette almost every day since I got it! A full review on this will be up soon!

Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer in Aqua Sparkle - I picked this up on a whim because I like wearing bright colours in the summer and it was reduced to £1 in Sainsbury's and I might be going back for more colours! This is the only eyeliner from Rimmel that hasn't smudged all down my face and I've worn it quite a few times to add a pop of colour!

Makeup Revolution Lip Lava in Tremor - I grabbed a couple of these on a recommendation from Sammie from The Nail and Beauty Files and I love them. The other one is a little bright and I don't dare wear it out of the house, but this is a lovely bright yet natural pink that stays put for hours! I think that I'll be picking up a couple more of these too!

What have you all been loving this month?