30 November 2014

Kelly Brook Polish Review

I've noticed in New Look that they now have their own nail polish range by Kelly Brook. I was initially put off because I've not had good experiences with polish bought in a clothing shop before. But these colours were so beautiful and shiny that I just couldn't resist.

I believe that individual bottles are £2.99 but this duo was only £3.99! I can't really argue with getting two beautiful polishes for £2 each!

Unfortunately these don't have names so I can't tell you the shades. But the box they came in and the bottles are really pretty!

The first bottle is this gorgeous blue shade that has tiny little pieces of blue and purple in it. The formula was far better than I expected and this photo is two coats. It doesn't seem to stain my cuticle area which was surprising for such a dark shade. 

The second bottle is pink and purple glitter in a clear base. There is so much glitter in the bottle! This is just one coat over the blue shade and I don't think you'd have any trouble wearing this one its own. 

The only downside to these for me, is that they smell pretty strong so I have to have the window open when I use them. But if all the others are as good as these two, I might just have to buy more!

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