30 June 2014

A Classy Little Glitter Gradient

I suggested to someone a few days ago that they should try to do a glitter gradient for a party they were going to, then realised that I hadn't tried one myself yet. So I decided to fix this.

I didn't want something that was too over the top for my first attempt, so I went with a fairly neutral colour scheme.

I was initially going to leave my nail natural with glitter on the tips. But I just couldn't bring myself to do it (I hate seeing my natural nails for some reason) so I did a quick coat of my Pierre Cardin Orange. This is one of the polishes that I got in a set where there were five different shades for £1.49! I'm so impressed that I've used one already! They're all sheer and shimmery so it gives me just enough coverage without it being OTT. I went for the orange shade, but I think that a silver/white shade would work better if I redid these.

After my base, I sponged on a quick coat of Barry M Lady just over the tips to make sure that there was no nail line visible. Once this was dry I layered up my silver glitter (Barry M Diamond Glitter and Nina Opal Elegance) until I was happy with my gradient. 

This is the end result and overall I'm pretty happy. I think the base colour clashes with the glitter a little, but I'll use a different colour next time. I feel all grown up with these nails because they're not something that I would normally do. But I really love them (probably because they're sparkly) and I'll be doing them again but in different colours.

Thanks for reading!

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28 June 2014

Model City Polish Haul!

Model City Polish have recently had a couple of sales to celebrate their anniversary, so I took advantage and put in an order during a sale. I then loved the polishes that much, that I put in a second order. The second order included some special cuticle oils that Nina made specially because the original formula includes almond oil which I am allergic to. I simply sent Nina a message over Facebook and she told me it was fine, so I have three of those too!

Strawberry Jam - This is a gorgeous bright red jelly that's packed with glitter!

There's both red and silver holographic glitter in this and it looks absolutely amazing when the sun catches it! This shows three easy coats (expected from a jelly) and it was a dream to apply! No fishing for glitters either.

Aqua Aura - This is a clear base that's packed with holographic glitter!

The majority of the glitter in this is a lovely... well .... aqua colour and it is unbelievable how sparkly this really is! These photos show one coat over white and it really is packed with glitter. It builds to full coverage in three coats. This is from her Gem Collection.

Sweet Tart - This is a white crelly that's packed with blue micro glitter and neon pink, blue and lilac big glitters. The bigger glitters are a mix of hex and square. 

I was really surprised by this one! I thought that because it was a white crelly that I would need a million coats to get full coverage. But nope! These pictures show just two easy coats (though admittedly my coats are probably thicker than most).

 There's no shortage of glitter either. Though I do tend to find that the bigger glitters settle to the bottom of the bottle. This is easily fixed though, I just stand the bottle upside down for about 10 minutes and they all mix in again.

Amethyst - This on is a clear base packed with purple glitter!

This is another from Nina's Gem Collection and I think that one day, I will have the full set because I love them! Again, this is packed with glitter and builds to full coverage in three coats.

The first picture shows one coat over white and the second shows two coats. I love this as a topper but it looks amazing as full nails!

Ghost Stories - This one is a black holographic and it's amazing!

I was told by lots of people that I had to have this and I very nearly didn't listen because I tend to go for brighter colours. I'm so very glad that I listened to the advice now!

This a gorgeous, true black holographic polish. I've heard many people say that black holographics usually end up being grey or silver, but this one is most definitely black.

The formula, like with all the others is amazing, and these pictures show just one easy coat. That's right... one coat! I can see this quickly becoming my go to colour because it's so easy and quick to apply!

I did get three of the rollerball cuticle oils too, but I'll do a review of those in a few weeks once they've had time to do their work.

I genuinely think that all of these polishes are amazing and I will definitely be getting more (especially the Gem ones). Nina is a genius and her customer service is amazing which makes the whole process just so much easier. Plus, each order comes in a little black bag, complete with glass nail file and a lollypop!

Thanks for reading!

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20 June 2014

My week's nail art!

So! This week, I haven't really done much nail art because, well, it's too hot! I did however, do a couple of things that I think are worth sharing.

 England played on Thursday and we had a red, white and blue day at work. So of course, I had to do England nails to match!

I used Ciate - Snow Virgin and Model City Polish - Strawberry Jam. Then on my ring finger, I did a base of bright red and used tape for the cross. I then went over this with Snow Virgin and removed the tape. All topped off with a coat of HK Girl Top coat.

I've seen a lot of water marbles lately and realised that I hadn't tried one for over 6 months! So out came the water pot and I gave it another go!

I did a base of Ciate - Snow Virgin on the nails that i wanted to marble, then used the below colours.

China Glaze - Purple Panic (neon version), Tart-y for the Party and Hanging in the balance. 

Once I was happy, I used China Glaze - Are you Jelly? on my other fingers along with a coat of Gothic Gala Lacquer - Holo-y Goodness to add a touch of sparkle).

I topped everything off with a coat of HK Girl to seal everything in.

I liked both of these, but of course I liked the water marble more... plus it got lots of compliments at work today which really cheered me up. This has made me determined to master the water marble this summer so there will probably be lots of those appearing!

Thanks for reading!

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14 June 2014

Finger Lickin' Lacquers

Finger Lickin' Lacquer Review!

Just to warn you, this is a heavy picture heavy review.

So! I've had my eye on Finger Lickin' Lacquer for a while now. I mean, she makes beautiful, shiny, sparkly polish that smells great too! The only down side was that initially, these were only shipped to the US. But, the owner recently contacted me and told me she'd opened it up internationally! So I had to put an order in.

I picked four colours to start with, all scented. You can either have the scented version, or you can opt for scent free. I went for all scented! There aren't really any scented polishes here in the UK so I wanted to see if they smelt how they did in the description. They all smell amazing!

Here are the four that I picked.

From left to right there's Knight of Hell, Hunter's Helper, Call me Meg and Cherry Pie! They even look amazing in the bottles!

First up is Knight of Hell. This is a gorgeous bright cherry red with holographic glitter in it. This looks amazing when the sun shines on it! The photos show two coats and the formula on this is amazing, full coverage with the two coats. This is probably my favourite scent out of the four.... cinamon! It really reminds me of some sweets I used to get when I was young called Fireballs. The scent doesn't go away even when you topcoat either!

These are in natural light out of my window.

These two are under my LED lamp on my desk.

Next up is Hunter's Helper. This is a lovely nude/bronze colour, again with the holo shimmer. The formula was fantastic for such a pale shade and this is just two coats. This one is listed as having a whiskey scent. While I agree that it definitely smells like alcohol, it smelt more along the lines of Ameretto to me and Baileys to my boyfriend... Either way, it smells amazing!

These are in natural light. 

These are under my lamp inside. My camera had a bit of trouble picking up the colour change between the polish and my skin tone so the photos aren't quite focused here. 

 The third polish is Cherry Pie. This is a lovely pink/red shade with holo glitter in it. The formula was amazing and this is just two coats. The scent is listed as Cherry Pie and that's exactly what it smells like! I didn't realise the smell was so strong with this one! I wore it to work on Friday under top coat and it took me a while to figure out why my hands smelled like cherries. Then I was sat looking like a weirdo, sniffing my fingers all afternoon.

This is under my lamp inside. 

 This is in natural light out the window. 

 Lastly we have Call me Meg. This is a lovely, pale mint/sea green shade. The sent is listed as cucumber melon for this one. I could definitely smell the melon, and it smelled really frest which I'm guessing is the cucumber part? Unfortunately, I was running out of light for this one and my camera couldn't catch it in natural light. So the below photos are two coats under my lamp. Dependant on how thick your coats are, you might need three coats with this because it's such a pale colour. 

I love all four of these polishes! They're shiny, have amazing formula, dry quickly and they smell amazing! The only downside I have, it that I look like a strange person, sitting sniffing my fingers because they smell so good! But I'll definitely be buying more of these in the future!

You can buy her polishes here!

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12 June 2014

Tara's Talons Part 2!

Tara's Talons Part 2!

My second Tara's Talons subscription arrived at the end of last week! The colours are beautiful, but unfortunately, Tara is taking a break at the minute. I'll leave a link for her facebook page at the bottom and she's said she'll keep everyone updated on there for when she comes back.

But anyway! I got a full size and a mini and I really like both of them!

First up we have Dandelion Wishes. This is a gorgeous dark teal colour that has tiny pieces of silver glitter in it. All the photos show two coats. This first one is under my lamp, the next two are in sunlight. This is a seriously beautiful colour and I might just be cheeky and see if Tara can make me a full size bottle because this will get worn a lot!

Next up is Holo Sunshine. This is a lovely nude/bronze holo and it was almost opaque in one coat! I'm sure that if you were careful, you could get away with just one coat of this. The below pictures show two coats. The first is under my lamp indoors, the second picture is in sunlight. Again, this is such a lovely colour and I love a good holo!

The formula for both of these was amazing, not too thick or thin and it's perfect for me =).

Tara's facebook page is here. If you follow her then you'll be able to shop when she opens back up!

Thanks for reading!

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8 June 2014

Pretty purple floral nails.

With it being nice and sunny this weekend, I had the urge to do floral nails. I'd spotted this tutorial by Jaunty Juli a few weeks ago and I bookmarked it to do later. My perfect purple polish arrived this week so I used it for these nails.

Polishes used:

China Glaze - What a Pansy
Scofflaw - Ruff Tuff Cream Puff
China Glaze - Are You Jelly
China Glaze - Too Yacht To Handle
Barry M - Berry Ice cream
Barry M Nail Art Pen in Black.

I pretty much followed the tutorial but used the above polishes instead of paint for the pattern. I only did the pattern on two nails instead of a full hand as I thought that it would be too much for me being on all my nails.  I also couldn't fit the orange leaves on my nails because I have dinky little nails. I did add little black spots in the gaps though. I added little gold studs from my Winstonia set on the purple nails.

I love this design a lot! I think this will be one that gets re-done a lot. Especially since I need to work on my brushwork - especially getting thin delicate lines. Hopefully, the more I practice, the less I'll shake!

Thanks for reading!

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7 June 2014

OPI Gwen Stefani Mini Collection.

I've decided that I love OPI polishes, I just don't love the price on some of them. So I just keep buying the mini sets when they're released. I'd had my eye on the Gwen Stefani mini set for a few weeks so I bought it for myself as a treat.

The formula on these is fantastic! Plus I really like the OPI brush.

Fist up we have Hey Baby which is a bright pink creme. I used three thin coats for the below phots. It applied smoothly and dried quite quickly too. The pink is very shiny and very bright and will be perfect to use over the summer. 

This is Love.Angel.Music.Baby and it's a gorgeous shimmery gold satin. No top coat is needed for this and i think it looks lovely on it's own. The below pictures show two coats and this gave perfect coverage. No streaking and if you were in a rush, you could probably get away with just one coat if you applied it right. 

 Here I applied top coat so you can see what it looks like. I think it looks lovely whichever way you wear it. 

This is another satin which is called 4 In The Morning. It's a lovely black shade with a shimmer to it in the light. Again I love this shade, I didn't have a satin black before and this on is perfect. The below pictures show two coats.

Again, here I applied top coat so you can see the difference. Again, this looks lovely either way and I love it in both finishes. 

Lastly we have I Sing In Colour. This a dark burgundy/brown creme and my camera had difficulty picking the colour up. This is three coats.

I took a photo using the flash and you can see the burgundy better here.

Overall, all of these colours are lovely. My only slight let down with them, is that OPI could have done wild and weird colours as it's a Gwen Stefani collection, but these seem more classic colours. Now I do know that OPI will be releasing more colours for this collection later in the year so maybe there will be other colours.

Thanks for reading!

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