27 April 2014

My second attempt at gel polish at home

So, unfortunately, my bad habit of picking at my nails when I see a chip re-surfaced last week. The base of one my last set of gels started peeling and I picked it... then moved on to the other nails. Which I know is bad but I can't help it. So far these have been on for 3 days and no picking yet!

Since it's been fairly warm and sunny(ish) in the UK, I decided for something bright again. I picked Neon Lavender by Bluesky and Crystal-g thermal in shade T22. The thermal was advertised as changing from dark purple to light lilac. It actually doesn't, it starts off as dark blue and changes to dark lilac. Unless you look really closely, you can't really see any difference at all. But I like the colour so I don't mind. 

These are my nails, shot from outside again since it was fairly nice today. 

I really like this combination, though I'm a little disappointed that the colour change wasn't stronger. My application improved a lot with these as I was told that rubbing alcohol on a little brush before curing will neaten the edges and stop the lumps that I was getting. It still needs a little work, but overall I am very happy. Now I just need to stop buying all the colours and wait for payday instead (even though they are very tempting!)

Thanks for reading!

20 April 2014

My first attempt with an at home gel kit

I've been eyeing up at home gel kits for a while now, purely because I like the idea that when I need a break from the nail art, I can just put a colour on and leave it without risking chips. I took my time before buying and was eyeing them up for at least a month before buying to make sure I didn't buy anything on a whim. A friend of mine at work gave me the tip of instead of buying a kit, look at how much buying everything separately would cost. I'm glad I paid attention!

The kit I was looking at probably wasn't the most high end on, but for a started kit it seemed pretty good value. I looked up everything separately and managed to get an extra two or three colours, bigger bottles of remove and prep, plus a massive bag of lint free wipes for the same price! So I went with it and so far, I haven't been disappointed!

Below are the colours I picked and I will put a list up becuase not all of them show the colours.

Of the Bluesky brand there is Diamond Azure, neon lilac, colour 024 (changes between blue and purple), XSJ09 (shiny light blue), Crystal Sienna.

My four Crystal-g brand are E18 (light sparkly green), TH22 (glitter blue that turns purple), D20 (white with glitter) and S06 (listed as wild orchid).

My first combination was my bluesky colour changer and the sparkly blue. I just had to go outside for these pictures to try and capture the sparkle! This is the colour changer in it's purple state... isn't it pretty!

 This is it's "warm" state which is a beautiful mid/bright blue. 

 This is my attempt at capturing the colour mid-change. It worked fairly well. I have to say, this nail varnish kept both me and my boyfriend amused while I had it on.

I apologise for my feet but I had to show you the pale green that I got. This one is a Crystal-g and it's so shiny! This is without sun and the next is in full sun (I apologise in advance for those who don't like feet or the mess that I didn't realise I made)

It's so shiny!

Now that the feet shots are out of the way, here is my second attempt at my hands. It arrived yesterday and I just had to put it on. It was listed as wild orchid, but none of the bottles have names so I'm not sure if this is it's real name. Again it's by Crystal-g. It's so beautiful! It's kind of neon so my camera can't pick up the colour properly but it's a gorgeous bright pink/purple colour. Even my mum likes this one and we don't normally agree on colours (I go for brights and glitters where she usually sticks to darks).

I hope you liked my slightly different post tonight!

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13 April 2014

A few OPI swatches and more Salon Effects strips

Sorry for my absence.... I was persuaded to give up buying nail varnish for Lent and it kind of meant that my inspiration disappeared a little. But a couple of weeks ago, my lovely boyfriend bought me a few of the OPI mini sets to play with since I'd been so good. I am pleased to say that with Lent over on Thursday, I have not bought a single bottle of nail varnish since the end of February. Which means I'm rather proud of myself because I've never gone that long before.

I thought I'd do a 'bit of everything' post to catch you up on a few things that haven't been posted. There's a few swatches and a piece of nail art that I was rather proud of.

All swatches show two coats and no top coat.

First up we have Miss Piggy's Big Number from the Muppets Most Wanted collection that has just been released. This is a gorgeous dark blue metallic with a hint of purple dependant on the light. The first coat applied a little streaky, but a good second coat evened most of this out. If I were to wear it out though, I would probably add a third coat just to make sure. 

Natural light
 Under my lamp

Next up is Where Did Suzi's Mag-go? from the new Brazil Collection. This is a beautiful mid orange shade. I would describe it as a bright tangerine/coral colour. Again, it was a little streaky on the first coat. But was fine after a second coat. I love this colour and can see this being worn quite a lot this summer. 

Natural light.
 Under my lamp.

Next up isn't a swatch, but some nail art that I've wanted to do for a while. I used this tutorial from Chalkboard Nails. I'll redo this in a few weeks and write up a proper post for it. I just loved it and wanted to show this one off. 

Lastly, we have my current nails. I bought some more Sally Hansen Salon Effects last week, this time in a flowery print. These were originally paired with What's a Little Rain Forest, but it started to chip so I switched colours last night. Now they are paired with You're So Flippy Floppy. Both of these shades are from the Beach Sandies part of the Brazil 2014 collection and are textured. 

I loved the blue but forgot to get a picture of it. I was unsure of this yellow when it was in the bottle. I'm not a big yellow person and have never worn it as a manicure like this before. It's usually only used for nail art. I have to say, I like it a lot more than I thought I would. It's a dark yellow texture with lots of glitter. I was sat last night just watching it twinkle under the light and managed to spot not only yellow glitter, but orange and a touch of green too!

Natural light.
 Under the lamp.

I think these strips are my favourite out of the two that I've tried. They're now on their 4th day of wear and they haven't chipped at all! I'm going to leave these as long as possible to see how long until they start to chip and I will give an update later on this week =)

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