20 March 2014

My attempt at galaxy nails

So, after watching a program that was on Channel 4 this weekend on Space, I decided to finally have a go at Galaxy nails. I've seen lots of these over the last few months and have wanted to try them ever since I saw them, but never thought I would be able to do them. 

I finally attempted them and I was quite pleased with the result! Though I know I can do better I was very pleased. I just think that I need to pick my colours a little better next time.

I basically used this tutorial that I had saved on reddit. It isn't specific on what colours need to be used. All you need is a black/dark blue for the base, a shiny dark blue, a light blue, metallic green, bright pink/purple, lilac and lastly a silver glitter for the stars on top. I also added little white stars because I thought they looked pretty (even though I smudged them a little).

These are my finished nails! I wasn't sure on them at first and very nearly removed it all. I was glad I didn't though because the more I looked at them, the more I loved them. 

I will definitely be trying these again sometime soon!

What do you guys think?

9 March 2014

Something a little flowery and girly

So I've been in a bit of a rut with my nail art lately. I've seen loads of designs that I like but they never look right whenever I try them. So, for the last couple of weeks, my nails have been pretty plain for me. The one mani that I did do that looked good, I forgot to take pictures of.

So, the other night, I got one of my nail wheels out and started doing some of the designs that I like to see which ones looked good and that I could do. The two I liked best were a flowery design and a spotty design. Since it's the start of spring, I went for the flowers.

I did three coats of Ruff Tuff Cream Puff by Scofflaw on my ring and index fingers and two coats of Hyde Park Corner by Nails Inc on all my other nails.

I used my long thin brush to create flowers using Hyde Park Corner, Royal Botanical Gardens and Upper Berkeley Street all by nails inc (plus Lexington Yellow by NYC for the centres). Then topped it all off with HK Girl top coat. (These pictures were taken while I was still cleaning up so excuse the edges).

If anyone would like more details, or maybe a tutorial, let me know =).

Thanks for reading!