22 February 2014

Models Own Hed Kandi set

In addition to the Ciate polishes that I got last week, I was also given the full HedKandi set by Models Own a few days later! This made me a very happy bunny this week! I forgot to get photos of the orange but I do have photos of the beautiful blue that came in the set.

This colour is called Balearic Blue and it's a lovely light/bright blue. It's not quite as neon as the other colours in the set, but as usual I still love his choice! This is three very careful coats, it's not quite as opaque as the normal colours. It's still a lovely colour though and I can see this being used a lot this summer!

Being who I am, I couldn't leave this as plain blue so I jazzed it up a little. I saw a post on reddit earlier this week by u/getmeaburrito (I think I did that right) where she had neon tips on a plain colour and I loved it! I wasn't quite brave enough to go neon, but I added a thin tip with China Glaze - Man Hunt. There's also a subtle gradient on my ring finger but the camera couldn't pick it up.

Lastly, I added a bit of leopard print down just one side of my nail on my ring and middle finger. I love this look a lot and I think it's one of my favourite designs so far =). Be warned, you may be seeing this in different colours over the next few months.

Thanks for reading!

17 February 2014

Ciate Mini Mani Month!

So.... guess who's awesome boyfriend got her the Ciate Mini Mani Month set for Valentine's day?! Mine! They're all so beautiful and I can't wait to get to use them all. 

I've already done a couple of manis using the colours but thought I would share this one =).

I used a base colour of Play Date on most of my nails which is a gorgeous pink/red colour. I then sponged a glitter called confetti onto my ring fingers as accent nails. Lastly I used MoYou Pro Collection XL plate 10 and fit for a queen to stamp a pretty flower pattern over my other nails. 

I wasn't sure of this combination until I saw the sparkle of Fit For A Queen. It's a beautiful holo-glitter that catches the light all the time! Underneath the Speed Coat top coat that came with the set, this is incredibly shiny! I'm ashamed to say that I've been caught just being sat looking at it a couple of times already!

There will probably be lots of designs featuring these over the next few weeks while I have a play!

Thanks for reading!

12 February 2014

Valentine's Day nails with Zoya

Since I bought my first Zoya a few months ago, I've wanted more. I've spent the last few months eyeing them up making a huge Amazon wishlist of them. I decided to treat myself this month and bought Persiphony.

It arrived last week and it looks beautiful! It's a gorgeous pink/red shade with a subtle gold shimmer to it that my camera couldn't catch. The below picture shows two coats. It's a little on the sheer side so you may need more coats dependent on your nails.

Since it's almost Valentine's day, i decided to add a little Valentine's touch to this colour. I added an accent nails of my gold glitter from Nails inc. Then used a dotting tool to create a gold glitter heart on my index finger.

Hope you like them and thanks for reading!

8 February 2014

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Polish Strips

Today I decided to try something slightly different with my nails. I ordered a set of the Sally Hansen Salon Effects real nail polish strips this week. This was purely out of curiosity as I've seen other people use them and love them, or completely hate them.

I went for number 440 - Animal Instinct which are a very pretty pink and black zebra print pattern. The pink even had glitter in it which I didn't expect!

I decided to try these today and I have to say, I will probably be buying more. They're made out of real nail polish so they apply much better than the other full nail stickers that I have. You just buff your nails before you apply, peel and stick. Any that goes over your fingers is easily wiped away with the cuticle stick that comes in the box!

I was originally only going to do a couple of accent nails with these, but when I started applying them, I loved them so much that I had to do all my nails! I apologise for the photo quality but my camera didn't want to play nice. I'll try taking some better pictures through the week once I've seen how well they last. As you can see, they look amazing!

Thanks for reading!

1 February 2014

My Models Own Haul.

Apologies for not posting for a while, I got a nasty bug and have been ill =(. Wasn't even able to get up and do my nails and as a result my cuticles have suffered and are a little dry. However, Models Own currently have a half price sale on until 4th Feb. I took advantage of it since I've been eyeing up this brand for a while. 

Here is my mini haul =).

First up we have Absinthe which is from the Velvet Goth collection. This is a gorgeous deep green glitter which also has a matte and slightly textured effect. Verdict.... I love it! The brush is nice and big and gave complete coverage in just two coats. 

Next up is Amethyst which is also one of the Velvet Goth ones. This is a beautiful dark purple and again, I love it! It's a shade that I don't already have and again has perfect coverage in two coats.

The third colour I have to show you is Copper Pot. This is a lovely deep yellow metallic colour that changed between yellow, green and orange dependent on the light. I couldn't capture all these colours with my camera but it's such a lovely colour! This is two coats. 

The last colour I have to show you is Blue Glint which is from the new Hypergel range. The idea of these is similar to the Barry M Gelly range. They are high shine and this one seems to have a slightly thicker formula than normal polish which meant it covered better. This is almost a one coater which I wasn't expecting! These photos show two coats just so I could even the edges out a little bit. 

I also picked two glitters out (I'm a sucker for glitter). This is Ibiza Mix from the Hed Kandi range and this is just one coat. It has multi coloured glitters in and I can't wait to use this for accent nails!

My second glitter is Blizzard which I think is from the Wonderland Series. This is a silver glitter but they also appear to have a holo effect as they change colour dependent again on the light. This again is a gorgeous glitter and I think it would look amazing when mixed with plain black. 

Overall, I love all of my picks and I can see me putting in another order before the offer ends! They are all lovely colours/glitters with brilliant formulas. This could become one my favourite brands quite quickly!

Thanks for reading!