22 January 2014

Third time's a charm....

Ok,  not the nail art I was planning for tonight but oh well.  I was originally going to swatch one of my new colours and use my new decals over the top.  But the Polish refused to dry and kept bubbling.  I switched to a different colour and tried again but the same thing happened.
I switched to one of my new favourites which is China Glaze - tarty for the party which I live even more because it actually dried! But then the decals wouldn't work so they've been put to one side for another night.  I did however manage to get my born pretty store decals to work so I went with those instead.
I like these nails much better than the ones I did yesterday and these will now be staying for a few days.
If anyone needs any extra info about colours or anything, let me know! =)
Thanks for reading!

21 January 2014

Nails Inc, fan brushes and a review

So, I'm still attempting to use all my new Christmas polishes, but before I show you some I wanted to do a little review.

I've been using Orly Bonder as my base coat for a few months now and I have to say, it's by far the best one I've ever used! It actually does what it says and bonds the polish to your nails. I haven't had a single chip yet! (Although my last mani had the full set peel off in full nails) It's that good that my sister is dropping hints for it too!

I've also tried Glisten&Glow HK Girl top coat. Again, it's amazing. Dries my nails in a few minutes which means no more bed marks! My only issue is that I've almost used the full bottle and need some more =(.

You will have to excuse the quality of my photos tonight, my camera didn't want to play and kept refusing to focus on my nails. I will try and get better photos when I can. I've decided to swatch a trio of my mini Nails Inc polishes (I now have at least 20 of these!)

First up we have Charing Cross Road. This is a very bright and girly pink! I found it a little streaky and this photo needed 3 layers to get even coverage. It's a lovely colour but I don't think that I would ever wear it as a full mani.

Next up we have Kings Road. This a beautiful silver/bronze chrome effect polish. Almost a one coater but this photo shows two. The only issue is that it shows all the imperfections on your nails - so if you have ridges this is a no-no!

Finally we have Shoreditch. This is a lovely bright, bubblegum pink and I love it! I would quite happily have all my nails this colour because it's so bright! This picture shows two coats and I've decided to use this as a base for my design tonight.

I topped this lovely pink off with one coat of HK Girl to seal it before I started my artwork. I decided yesterday that I would attempt something that I've been saying I would do for a while.... Using my fan brushes. I used the first the chrome and then the light pink and just dipped the fan brush in and swept the brush over my nail. It gave a lovely almost zebra stripe effect. 

To finish off, I used two more coats of HK Girl to seal all the colours in. I think that I preferred this design as just an accent nail and now I can't make up my mind on whether I like this design or not.

What do you guys think?

Thanks for reading! And sorry again for the quality of my pictures, I'm still working on them.

19 January 2014

Northern Star Polish

Just before I started this months no buy, I put in an order on Etsy with American Indie polish maker Northern Star Polish. Knowing how long my orders from the US have taken in the past, I wasn't expecting these to arrive so quickly! Shipped on the 8th and arrived 17th! 

First of all, I was impressed with the wrapping, the polish came in it's own cute little box and the cuticle oils that I ordered came wrapped all nicely in tissue paper. I even got a free sample of her cuticle balm because I ordered before the 15th!

The cuticle oils smell amazing and apply very easily! I will do a proper review on these in a couple of weeks. Here is how everything looked after I'd unpacked.

The colour I ordered is called Have Time Will Travel. It's a gorgeous dark blue with tiny little pieces of glitter in it! The below pictures show two coats with one layer of top coat.

Unfortunately, I haven't quite got the hang of my camera yet and it couldn't capture all the sparkle! But this is a very beautiful polish and is almost a one coater! I think that I'll definitely be putting another order in at some point =).

As a bonus, here it is under OPI's Man With a Golden Gun which my awesome boyfriend bought me for our anniversary! I think this combo looks amazing and they will be getting lots of attention at work tomorrow!

If anyone wants to visit Kristen's shop then you can do here. =)

Thanks for reading!

7 January 2014

Tribal stamping gradient

I've decided to go with something fairly simple today. I have a new base coat on the way and I know that as soon as it arrives, whatever I have on my nails will be coming off.

I st I base coated using Stuck on Blu and then created a gradient effect using Barry M - Dragonfruit and China Glaze - Tart-y for the party. I topped this off with a coat of HK Girl to seal the colour.

I selected the tribal design from the Pro Collection XL 06 plate by MoYou. Using Barry M - Plum, I stamped this design over all of my nails.

After two layers of top coat and some clean  up, here are the finished nails.

I need to work a little on my placement since some have gone a little wonky, but overall i love this effect! It's girly and bright and I think I'll be trying this again in different colours!

Thanks for reading!

Swatching Glam Polish and A-England.

My desk finally arrived today and I spent a good chunk of the afternoon putting it together, but I did it all by myself and it looks awesome!

Until inspiration hits for my next design, I'm going to sit at my desk and do some swatching. I had a quick sort out when I moved my polishes over and found there are a few that I've never used, so I'll try them all and see whether I like them or not.

First up is Ba-na-na by Glam Polish. This is a bright yellow, with small and medium sized neon glitters. The formula is very good, it applies smoothly and there's no need to fish for the glitters either! The pictures show two coats, first with flash then in natural light by my window.

Personally, when I wear this I think 3 coats would be better since I can still see my nail slightly. But I do love this colour! It's bright and a little funky and I can see me wearing this quite a lot in summer.

Next us we have Holy Grail (Limited edition) by A-England. This is a dark gold colour and very shiny. The formula on the two A-England colours I have is fantastic. Not too thick or thin and covers perfectly in just two coats. First we have with flash, then natural light by the window.

While this colour is nice, I don't think that I would wear it as a full manicure. I would however use it as an accent or for stamping.

That's all for now! Thanks for reading!

5 January 2014

My Weekend Manis

I've been a little busy this weekend clearing up in anticipation of my new desk arriving on Tuesday morning. I've been doing my nails for the last few months leaning over a coffee table in my room so decided to get a new desk to give myself more room. Especially since my nail varnishes no longer fit on the table.

One of my new years resolutions is to use my currently unused colours. I have a small problem of seeing nail things on sale or offer and buying just because they're cheaper than normal. This means that with all the new things I got at Christmas, I have lots of colours to try. I'm also on a no buy until the end of the month since I've bought lots of new things recently. 

So, on friday night I decided to do some leopard print nails as I hadn't done them for a while. I started with a base coat of Glisten&Glow Stuck on Blue! Followed by two coats of Caramel from the Barry M Matte range. Personally, I prefer this shade glossy rather than Matte. I used a coat of HK Girl quick dry top coat to seal the colour before I moved on. 

I used a dotting tool to make different sized blobs/spots on my nails using the following colours:

China Glaze - Running in Cirles
China Glaze - Water you waiting for
Nails Inc - King's road.

I the used my Barry M black nail art pen to dot around the outside to outline the leopard spots and topped it off with another two coats of HK Girl.

This picture was taken tonight just before I redid my nails (Sunday) and they were done of Friday. I'm very impressed that they haven't chipped as I've been tidying, cooking and all sorts of other things this weekend.

On to Sunday's nails. My lovely sister bought me a really nice Fearne cotton nail set for Christmas (using the logic of her nails always look nice so her brand must be pretty good too). The set had either 4 or 5 colours in it (I unpacked it and put them away so I can't remember which) along with two different colours of rhinestones, nail scissors, tweezers and two different sets of nail foil wraps. 

I decided that to make the wraps last longer, I would only use them as accents nails as there is only enough for one full set in each pack. I've put off using these because I've used wraps before and they didn't last very long, though after a quick google, it turns out that I hadn't applied them properly. 

This is the set I decided on (The other is stripey). I picked out the size for my ring finger and applied them on each hand.

Once you've peeled off your chosen wrap, use a hairdrier on the adhesive side for 3-5 seconds and this will make them both sticker and more flexible. Then simply apply to your nail, smooth out and file off the excess.

I then used China Glaze - Def Defying on the other nails as I've been wondering how to use this colour since Christmas! Of course, I then topped off with two coats of HK Girl to seal the colour in.

I think that this lovely bright green will be used quite a lot when it's summer! It's lovely and bright and even though there's no design on my nails, I can't help but keep looking at them. Plus, if these foil wraps can last a few days, once my no buy is up I might look into getting some more. I think they will be good for quick accent nails when I don't have a lot of time to sort my nails out. 

Thanks for reading!

2 January 2014

Zoya Penny

So I've been drooling over the beautiful Zoya colours for a while now, but since I'm in the UK they're quite expensive so I'd never bothered getting one. 

I've managed to spot a few on Amazon for around £3 each! The only catch is that you have to spend over £10 to get free postage or it's an extra £6! There is a few though so I'd just use it as an excuse to buy lots of them. The shade I finally settled for is called Penny. It's a beautiful coppery orange with tiny little pieces of holographic glitter. Plus it was only £2.65 which was an added bonus!

I've taken a picture of the bottle so that you can see how shiny it is! I've even managed to pick a colour that I don't already have for a change. I'm noticing with my growing collection that a few dupes in different brands are appearing!

After all my Chrismas designs that took a while (not all of them were posted on here) I decided to go with a simple design. Plus let's face it, with all the new things I got at Christmas, this colour won't stay on for long.

I started with a base of Glisten and Glow base coat, 2 coats of Penny and an accent of 3 coats of China Glaze Get Carried Away. 

Get Carried Away is from the Cirque Du Soleil collection and is a thin black polish with small black and silver glitters plus some big orange and black hex glitters too. It's very easy to place and is pretty much opaque after 3 coats. You could always put a coat of black underneath to reduce the layers. 

I topped them off with two coats of HK Girl top coat. 

I took a picture at a slightly different angle then you can see the tiny pieces of glitter! I can't help but keep looking at how shiny they are!

Overall this polish applied beautifully! The formula isn't too thick or thin and gives very even coverage. If all the Zoyas are this good then I think I might have to treat myself to more (or drop massive hints for the boyfriend!).

Thanks for reading!