21 October 2016

September's Love Me Beauty Edit - Kat Von D

I recently subscribed to Love Me Beauty as I really like the concept! It's £10 a month (or less if you subscribe for a few boxes at a time) and you get given credits each month to use on different products and everything that arrives is something you've chosen yourself.

This really appeals to me as quite a few products use almond oil which I'm allergic to so this box means that everything should actually be usable. I usually have to pass off a lot of items from subscription boxes to friends as I can't use them. 

These are the items that I picked out last month! They had some items from Kat Von D so I used all my credits to try these out. They also came in a little makeup bag which I think is a cute idea, I have no use for boxes but can always use makeup bags!

I picked up:-

Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Outlaw - this is a gorgeous true red shade and this lasts pretty much all day on me! I've worn it quite a few times for work and I only need to top the corners up after about 7 hours from where I drink.

Ink Liner in Trooper - I love my liquid liner so I just had to give this a go! It's quite nice, but I think it's drying up already.

Studded Kiss lipstick in Magick - I think this is my favourite. It's a gorgeous rosy nude shade that has little glitters in it making it unique to my collection. I've had this on almost every day since the box arrive so I think I'll be needing a full size!

Overall I love this subscription and I'm already plotting what to get from the October edit.

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9 October 2016

My first Make Up Geek shadows

I've had my eye on Make Up Geek shadows for a while but I'd never actually purchased any. My friend Rach (www.thebeautyisabeast.com) has quite a few and she said that I'd love them! So I ended up on Beauty Bay and I picked up three gorgeous shades for autumn!

It was actually really hard to pick just three out (I didn't want to buy too many in case they didn't work for me) especially as there aren't any swatches on the website and the colour shown doesn't always match up. I ended up picking out Bitten, Twilight and Secret Garden.

 These shadows come in a little plastic sleeve which is in a gorgeous cardboard box/sleeve and I personally think these look like they cost much more than £5.50! Here are just the pans themselves, they stick to my Z Palette perfectly and are now in my Crowd Colour palette!

Twilight - a shimmery, purple taupe shade that's perfect for this time of year.

Bitten - a gorgeous deep red shade.

Secret Garden - brown with teal duochrome which is just stunning!

All of these shades are incredibly pigmented but also easy to blend. I will definitely be going back for more shades! I just need to ask Rach for some recommendations!

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24 July 2016

Girl, Missing - A book review

Press Sample

I've always loved reading, even from an early age. My parents used to read to me each night before bed and it wasn't long before I was reading the books by myself! 

Since getting a full time job, reading books slowly slipped away due to a lack of time and I missed it. There's nothing better than curling up in bed with a good book, or chilling in the bath with one. 

I've recently started reading again (though admittedly mostly on reading apps) and I was thrilled when I was contacted for a book campaign. I said yes and a few days later, Girl, Missing by Sophie McKenzie dropped through my door. I was so excited that I actually jumped up and down and squealed a little! 

10 July 2016

June Favourites!

I thought I'd try a different format for my favourites this month. I don't normally do monthly favourites because let's face it, I'm lazy and they take a lot of work. So this month I've done them in video format. 

If you'd like to see what I loved last month, then just click the video below!

20 June 2016

A Small Colourpop Haul

I've been eyeing up the beautiful eyeshadows by Colourpop for a very long time. But they don't ship over here and the cost of using a mail forwarding service seemed like it would be too expensive to do on my own. Luckily, my friend Rachel over at The Beauty Is A Beast had decided that she was going to do a Colourpop order and she said I can join her if I like and we'd split the fees! She organised everything so I'm not quite sure of how everything worked. We used My Mall Box and this is basically just a room in a warehouse that you can have your order sent to. I believe that if you do multiple orders, they'll even repackage them into one box so that you only pay one shipping fee!

My order came to 26USD which is around £18. Then with the Colourpop shipping, the Mall Box shipping and then I think Rach sending it over to me through Royal Mail, it all only came to roughly £26 which I think is amazing!

On to the products!